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  • Oh no??????

    OMG girls,af is late by 5 days ....that can't be,we have been so careful and truth be known haven't had sex as much as we normally would have....i am so worried about this....How can i have 2 pregnancies in 2 years,my poor body just won't cope.....I had plans about this,lose weight,number one to alleviate bp issues and less strain on heart,get over last labour,enjoy new bub[only 4 months] ,get private health insurance as i'd contemplate a c/s for another birth,what if another boy,would have cvs or further testing for piece of mind and to know sex of bub100%....omg please no but what else could it be.....this is only my 3rd af since bub[or was to be] had first one 6 weeks to the day,next one 4 days early and now,STILL WAITING........we have been using condoms except for couple of days straight after af,so thought i should have been safe....famous last words hey...... they turn up but don't feel like a period is near but then again don't feel pg peeing heaps,no real nausea[couple of passing moments with a bit of bloatedness] nipples have had a couple of tender moments but put it down to bub not wanting to feed from me anymore......I went shopping in another town the other day and meant to get some tests but totally forgot[denial is wonderful] i live in small town so don't want to buy them here as i may have to terminate due to age and health so don't need the whole town knowing....aaargh didn't want to be dealing with this,also means i didn't get my chance to do the gender sway and try for a girl......oh bugger ,bum and poo.......I am stressing about my health big time as bp has been thru the roof since bub[medicated to improve] i don't want to have a stroke and be useless[or dead] ,not be able to care for my kids ......and yet reluctant to face my doc[who very seriously said no more pregnancies] and all that entails......tests ,u/s etc etc.....oh well,been holding this in,none of my friends know yet so a bit relieved to get it out there.......sorry so long...just worried[which brings on anxiety attacks too,something else to go thru] If i wasn't nearly 43 and obesely overweight i would be fine with it,a little concerned at closeness of preg's but ok,these other factors weigh heavy on my mind.....pregnancy calendar says i could be 4 weeks preg,due 18th august......oh how bad do i want to see af.....

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    It could just be your body still getting back to normal with regular AF.
    Its not uncommon for it to be a little all over the place for quite a few cycles so try not to stress hun.

    Hope the end results is what you desire


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      Can you buy some tests online? That way they come in the mail and the town needn't know about it.

      If you were careful around O time, then it's possible you could have your girl - of course there's no way of knowing unless you do testing (if AF doesn't show of course). Don't know how early you can do that either

      I hope you find out one way or the other soon. Wow, what a dilemma!


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        Tabby i hope you are right and i'm just a bit out of whack......Not a bad idea to get some tests online,tho have some friends going to another town tomorrow so they could get me some but bit reluctant to involve anyone yet[suppose then i'll have to face it myself].....i can't believe this is happening at my age.......hubby is in total denial too,reckons he's been real careful in that he seriously thinks about having the snip now haha.......


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          it took a while for my Af to get back on track after the birth of my DD. I got it 5 weeks after the birth then 6 weeks after that then 8 weeks after that, then back to 6 weeks and it was all over the place for the first 6 months.

          I hope you get the answer your after


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            yee ha i'm chucking a my af, thank the lord halluleah!!!!!! Was totally sh@tting myself that i was preggers.......Life has been busy here ,been lurking a bit not posting so much,i keep on having to log in and that annoys me.........anyway so thanks for the wise words.....I can relax now and have a few xmas drinkies.....{and then diet for the next year}.................:tree: