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having babies in outback regions and support or lack there of

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  • having babies in outback regions and support or lack there of

    firstly my appologies for lack of paragraphs my enter button appears to have stopped We have recently moved and am extremely disappointed in the lack of support a small outback town has for pregnant women within the community. When come from a very remote location and having choices about having our baby was far easier there as far as when we go into town to wait for baby etc and we were 800 km from the nearest town with 500km of dirt to get there that was not always passable in an event of rain etc. However we were made aware of all our option risks etc and then it was left to us to make our final decisions. Being so remote flying doctors was a life saver and knowing we had a very good rated airstrip for day and night landing less than 2 km from our homestead was very comforting. However we decided to move a little closer to town so our children could go to playgroup etc and other children nearby etc we ended up very close to an outback town only 30kms away its a very small town but like a city to us! It has a hospital with a junior doctor and midwife on staff however no maternity ward etc nearest town with obstetrician and midwifes, maternity ward etc (still an outback town just a bigger one) is just over 200kms further (nearest city 800km away) when we got here we were advised that after 36 weeks I was no longer allowed in my town I had to be at the next one 200km away. not advised but told when I explained that for me to leave then was not good for us accommodation wise or work wise we manage a cattle station and that i'd like to stay and leave at 38 weeks I understood all the risks and options my last daughter was not early etc and in an emergency we would get to the other town pretty quickly at first sign of something going wrong I would go however we know our option with flying doctors and being that there is a hospital in town I would presume in an absolute emergency they would help out. this is my second birth no complications with the first etc I would appreciate their support to let me stay until I can go realistically financially etc and when I'll have someone with me to help with my 16mth old if I do go into labour etc coz I have no support here other than hubby who cant get away til then. I was told no I wasn't allowed there and if I remained in town they would call child safety and report me now threatening me is quick way to get me off side. Im 37 weeks tomoro still at home leaving Tuesday still a week earlier purely coz they have pushed out saying im trying harm my baby, the mothers and babies die every day in child birth etc surely there should some sort of discretion and each pregnancy and situation looked at individually. they even called my house number to check up on me seeing if I answered the phone and said I wasn't supposed to be there. In the big scheme of things 200km with good *****umen rd the whole way etc really isn't all that far and regardless of whether I was in town 8 months early you can never eliminate all risks I am just furious that they think use scare tactic to scare mothers out of town is acceptable especially in a town with some many kids and a mothers around. I have even had an obstertrician when I had to travel 200km for my previous baby tell me that it was no drama I didn't have to go anywhere if I didn't want to just come in at the first sign of something happening as having a baby is a perfectly natural process and worst case scenario the majority of women can have babies with absolutely no intervention so as long as there is no reason to expect a problem not to worry about it. surely this matter could/should have been approached differently....

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    Wow, thats bordering on harrassment!!!

    I'm so sorry you are being treated this way

    What state are you in? There's no option of a last minute independent midwife for a homebirth is there?


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      They can't tell you to leave town and they can't call hold protective services because until that baby is born it is part of your body and has nothing to do with cps


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        That's horrible
        Sorry to hear that you're being put through so much stress this close to birth
        Stand your ground and do whatever you are comfortable with!


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          Oh hugs. That really sux. I live rurally but not all that remote. The nearest town is 30klm away (small hosp, 1dr, no obstetric services) the nearest hospital that has obstetric services is 120klm away. There was no mention or thought of moving closer to the hospital as I got closer to giving birth.

          The only way I would of thought to move closer was if I had a very quick labour and there was doubt I would make it on time. (this is why my sister free births-quick labours and 1/2hr from hospital, I don't agree with her but each to their own)


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            Heard of this plenty of times. Living 250km from a delivering hospital all the expectant mothers are told they should go at least 2 weeks before. I didn't with the first and ended up having him in a non-delivering hospital with a dr attending his first birth, no drugs and midwives that were called up out of the woodwork. Although it turned out fine, it may not have. It was a horrible situation to put those staff members through.

            The second I almost didn't make it and was only 15 mins from the hospital.

            They say travelling during labor can also decrease the time (not sure on the truth on that one!)

            I believe they are doing the right thing. They are not equipped to deliver. Every labor is different. Scare tactics probably work, but it does sound like bordering harassment.


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              im in queensland its not so much that they are asking ask to move nearer the hospital its the way they go about it surely each case could be discussed on an individual basis and come to an agreement not just kicked outta town so to speak its the approach to the whole thing that I find upsetting and disapointing


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                I am sorry that you have been bullied by these health professionals.

                As a Mummy who lives rurally (although, not as rural as you!) and as a Nurse who has worked in both a small non-delivery hospital (which, actually ends up doing emergency deliveries most weeks) and also a larger 'base' hospital, I am really dissapointed at the attitude of the people who threatned to call CPS.

                In a time where woman's choices in childbirth are generally accepted and those in metropolitan areas have many choices for childbirth ranging from homebirths, elective c-sections and birthing centres it is sad that those living in rural communities are still very much dictated to about how they must approach their births simply because of the lack of services available. Each woman is an individual with an individual set of circumstances, previous birthing history and they should be treated as indivuduals and provided with choices and supported in doing so. Rather than threatening to call CPS they would have been better off helping you to come up with a plan of what to do if you go into labour while still at home (eg, present to the local hospital for advice). I would definately stand my ground (as you have) and as far as I can tell, realistically you are not doing anything that puts you or you baby in direct harm at this point. I suspect that even if the hospital staff were to report you to CSP they would have very little interest in you! You seem to be well aware of the risks and know what services are available in your local community if you were to go into labour early. If anything, I would be tempted to report the hospital who threatened you to the Health Care Complaints Commission as such behaviour should not be tolerated, you are still a patient who has the rights to make informed choices about your own healthcare!


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                  Originally posted by Auntyamber View Post
                  They can't tell you to leave town and they can't call hold protective services because until that baby is born it is part of your body and has nothing to do with cps
                  This is incorrect, it is called an unborn notification. The use it mainly for pregnant women who are using drugs throughout pregnancy or domestic violence. The reason being the concern that once the baby is born it could potentially be in a dangerous / harmful situation.
                  In the OPs case , even if they did call them I highly doubt they would even open an investigation let alone have a finding of harm.
                  I would be complaining as high up as you need to. Threatening to call CP and alleging you are harming your baby is sure to put enormous stress on you that you don't need !


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                    Thanks for ur replys I did contact cps and they did say they would not even consider the complaints my birth choices are up to me regardless of where I live and its unacceptable adding that much stress to a 36 week pregnant women the only circumstances they really get involved with an unborn child is drug use as a previous poster mentioned. I am furious sitting outside a little cabinwaiting for my daughter to fall asleep so iI can tip toe back in and hope like hell she doedoesn't wait wake up she sleeps very lightly and only goes to sleep if in a separate room. I would be very upset if this was the middle of summer and I had to sit outside every nap time lucky although still very warm its not too bad. I will be looking into it further and considering complaint as I am most upset but for now focus on bubs who we need to get out.


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                      Originally posted by Auntyamber View Post
                      They can't tell you to leave town and they can't call hold protective services because until that baby is born it is part of your body and has nothing to do with cps
                      I put in child safety reports all the time for pregnant women. It's an unborn high risk alert
                      - domestic violence
                      - neglect/abuse of current children
                      - inprisonment
                      - excessive alcohol/drug use

                      Its disgusting the things I see, and OP you are nowhere near that criteria.

                      If you were still living 800km away then it'd be a different story.

                      The fact they've got a midwife on duty is awesome, so they should be prepared for a normal delivery if needed and the midwife would be trained in resuscitation of the baby if needed and they'd be able to manage a small/mod pph until they got you transferred.

                      38 weeks sounds reasonable to go the next town, if anything happens before you move, just present early to your local hospital so they have time to transfer you if needed.

                      No worries mate!!


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                        Good luck with the birth of baby 2. I am in a remote town & was told very similar (36 weeks) but was presented in a much more pleasant way (go home to mum where you have support) then at 38 weeks was not supposed to leave the major city/ proximity to chosen hospital. In the event something had happened earlier I would have been relying on RFDS who could have been 4 hours away. That was baby 2 for me, we are now planning baby 3 well in advance to add travel/accomodation expenses for all scans & birth. Hope you are in a lovely location for this exciting time, Congratulations to you & your lovely family.


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                          It has to do with which stage they are allowed to deal with. In my town anything under 36 weeks and they must go to sydney. In another town if your over 90kgs you are asked to relocate nearer the hospital as you cannot birth there.