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whats it like living in a remote area with kids?

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  • whats it like living in a remote area with kids?

    whats it like living in a remote area with kids? would you recomend it?

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    whats it like living in a remote area with kids?

    How remote are you talking?

    We live on a farm outside of town in south east Queensland. Apart from doing a double run a day to drop the kids as they have a 35k trip each way to school and back.

    But our lives are busy with just good old fashioned stuff. My LO who is 2 loves it as we have chickens plus baby chicks. Guinea pigs, a cat and a puppy. We sit there and have started a vege garden. Growing them from seeds. I teach him about water conservation as we rely on tank water. We recycle and do arts and crafts here at home. We do attend a Playgroup as well. My LO and teenagers have a very full life. I find I love where we live. But at the end of the day your life is what you make of it.


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      What does "remote" look like?

      We are 35km from the nearest town -- not what I would call "remote" -- and it means that our children will most likely not be involved in many "extra-curricular" activities (eg. dance, sports, etc) due to the travel it will involve.
      On the up side... they can run around with no clothes on, be as loud as they like, go on their own little adventures, etc that kids in a town can't do so easily.

      I believe it just comes down to what you make of it. If you want to live a "city" life where there is lots of "entertainment" then it would probably suck. If you want to encourage children to be imaginative, creative and be self-sufficient, it would be brilliant.

      Don't know if that's helpful but that's how I look at it. My kids complain from time to time about living out of town because we can't go to the park easily or visit friends when they'd like to or whatever... but I really like NOT living in suburbia and remind them about all the good things about living where we live.


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        For a kid to grow up on a property is just amazing and something i desperately (can't spell that lol) want for them. At the moment we live in town and it honestly sucks. I was never in a big town until I was 12 and I hate it was never supposed to live in the city. I married a farmer but unfortunately due to some family issues we had to sell his place and move. He's done his trade in the city and now we are looking to move to a remote property, a long long way from town.

        Honestly though if your kids are older and used to be able to go to the shops when they want and don't like long trips in the car living remote would be hard work for them initially but if your keen to try it just do it. You can always move back to the big smoke if it doesn't work out for you.

        Where are you thinking you'd like to go?


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          I love, loved, living in a remote town with young children! We are now in the city (and also grew up in the city) and we really miss country/remote living. The city is soo busy, so much trafic, there is no community spirit, you spend so much more money on "stuff".

          I guess it all depends what your expectations are. We loved it because we had a lot of simple family time, outside fun (camping, boating, fishing, exploring) and time with friends and their children was a priority - backyard BBQ's etc. Eveything was simple and slow-paced, the longest car trip around town was 5 minutes, although it was a long drive or plane trip to the city, which we did a few times a year. Yes, groceries are more expensive, but you spend a lot less on going out, and other incidental stuff.

          We always said we would move back to the city once the kids needed secondary education, as there just isn't the options we wanted in the country and we didn't want to send the kids to boarding school. As it turned out we are back a lot earlier that we wanted to be, but would go back in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose.

          If I had the option of mu DH being FIFO or moving to a remote town, I would move any day..FIFO sucks!


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            whats it like living in a remote area with kids?

            We have the best of both worlds. We live on 65acre farm but are only 5-10mins from a town in each direction and less than a half hr from a large one (newcastle nsw).