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  • Glenden!!!

    Anyone live in Glenden, moving there later in the year and was hoping to establish some friends there!

    ATM i have a 6yr old daughter, 2yr old daughter and a 6 week old son.
    Hubby works at Newlands.

    Would love to chat with anyone from the area!!

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    Hi !!!

    I know this was written awhile ago but did you end up moving to glenden?
    I am also moving there in jan 2013 and will know no one but my partner and our 7 month old daughter .
    If you did move there was it easy to meet new people, I am a little shy so not sure how I will go .
    How is living in glenden going for you and your family ?


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      Hi, yes I did move to Glenden a few months ago. So far so good. It's a small town and most people are super friendly. It hasn't been too hard to make friends. There is a play group and a mothers group although I haven't actually attended those yet as the times usually clashed with my buns sleep times but I have made friends with hubby's work mates wife's and girlfriends and their friends and so on. Very friendly town. I will pm you my email address and we can stay in touch, I can answers whatever questions you have


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        Great to hear it is a friendly place. Yes I was looking at their newsletter on the web and it did mention the mothers group and playgroup, I think I might go and have a look. Not sure how many people on my partner's crew live there with familys but I will find out in a month
        I have been to Glenden maybe 15years ago when i use to do ponyclub but I cant remember much...way to long ago. Thanks nikkibruce, be nice to keep in touch.


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          Hi Foxxy,
          have you made it to Glenden yet??


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            Hello, I moved to Glenden with my hubby and two kids a couple of weeks ago


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              Welcome to Glenden, I hope you like it.

              It is a nice little place and we have now been here for 2 months.
              I have made 1 good friend here and have meet some lovely girls so far,
              only thing is i am really shy which does not help but i am still yet to head to the gecko playgroup, I belive it is on a wed morning each week.
              Bingo on tues is fun as well and a good way to meet people (children are welcome).

              Let me know if you would like to catch up over a tea or coffee for a chat.


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                Wlcome!!!! How have you found Glenden so far. I've been here since September and its a nice little palce. Takes a little while to get used tot eh limited things to do and go but most people are friendly and helpful i have found.

                I'm happy to catch up sometime for a coffee, Dayna a i are planning a catch up too.

                Also in adddition to bingo and playgroup, during school holidays the library has free art and crafts from 10 to 11, ony a few days left but if your kids are 4 and up its a great entertainer.


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                  Thanks! Glenden is a nice little place, and the people seem friendly.

                  I am also very shy, so I haven't met a lot of people yet, or been to any playgroups. Thanks for the suggestions, might try the arts & crafts with the kids, bingo also sounds like fun.

                  Would love to meet up with you both for a coffee sometime