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What are your thanksgiving plans?

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  • What are your thanksgiving plans?

    Since Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday I thought i'd ask what everyone is doing, if you celebrate it here in Australia and what's on your menu?

    This Thanksgiving is DH's first away from the US. People keep asking me why am I celebrating it here and I tell them that I want my children to enjoy the same holidays and celebrations their dad did (Halloween, thanksgiving, 4th July etc). So all my family are coming over on Thursday night for a big dinner

    We are having Turkey, Potatoes, yams, beans, mac and cheese, stuffing, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. I'm so excited I can hardly wait!!

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    I don't have anything planned, but by the sound of all of that, I might just turn up at your place


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      We don't celebrate it either but I agree with nicoletta... save 4 places for us Sounds divine!


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        sorry to crash your thread - but I have always wondered what thanksgiving was. I assume its kinda like our Aus Day, but is celebrated more like we celebrate Christmas?? I have been told its to give thanks for the harvest/food etc but have also been told its when American's took over the Indians (like our Aus day)


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          Feel free too , I have a nasty habit of over catering.
          I suppose it is similar to christmas without the presents. It was originally celebrated to give thanks for the harvest but also has something to do with the pilgrims not having enough food to feed everybody so the native americans helped them by giving them food or something Im not American so my knowledge is very rough and DH is at work atm so I can't ask him. In DH's family they would eat all day and then watch football at night