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  • Moving to Chicago help

    Hi everyone,

    My hubby has been offered a job with his work in Chicago and we now have to decide whether to go or not

    Are there any bubhubbers out there from Chicago and can give me an insight into the place

    I've never been too keen on waiting to live in America, but we also realise this is an opportunity to travel and live somewhere new for a few years - we're originally from the Uk and have been here over 10years

    Also we have 2 girls 4 and 2 - DD1 starts kindy here next year so school information would be great and we are planning on having a 3rd

    Any advice/tips etc would be greatly appreciated


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    Cool place to visit, but would never live there -- do your research! (Which I know is what you are doing by asking). Its just a dangerous place, and I would never raise children there. That said, like everywhere in the states, bad things can happen in the safest parts as well.