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    I've just moved to Sydney from LA with my husband and 2 kids (5 yo daughter and 18mo son). Just seeing if there are any other US mums interested in getting together? I work fulltime, so it's hard to get out and meet other people with kids!


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    Hi Molly
    where in Sydney are you located? I'm from Michigan and would love to meet up with another mum from the states. my little boy is almost 4 weeks old, we live in Mosman. let me know if you are interested.



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      Hi both

      You still in Sydney? My family is moving to Sydney in May. I have 2 little girls. Which is cheaper - buy kids' stuff in Sydney or buy online at jcpenney or other online stores and have them shipped to Sydney?


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        Want to talk to some new mums!

        Hello everyone, I'm looking to talk to some pregnant ladies in 2nd or 3rd trimester or recently pregnant ladies for a University assignment. This would be very helpful for my research!

        I could do it in person or over call depending on how available you are. I would prefer if you were from Sydney/Western Sydney area.

        If you have any questions about the interview in further detail or want to apply to help me, please reply or send me a message on 0450 552 141.

        If you find that you have a lot of free time you could help a student out with an interview that won't take too long! It would be nice if you even shared this with anyone that could do it if you weren't available.

        Thank you in advance!