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Meet up for us American girls? Mexican?

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  • Meet up for us American girls? Mexican?

    Hi Girls,

    I have tried this before, but I wanted to try again.
    I know most of you are probably like me and have no family here and it can get quite lonely sometimes and make you miss American ways and all that. (or is it just me?)

    I had an American friend here and she moved back about 2 years ago and I have really missed her. We used to have great conversations about what we miss and how we love Australia as well.

    So, I was thinking I would see how many of us there are and if you would like to meet up sometime for dinner, minus kids if possible so we can get to know eachother?

    Thoughts? Anyone interested?

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    I've just joined the forum, so not sure I'm ready to be meeting up with anyone just yet (LOL) but, wanted to stick my nose in and say HELLO.

    I've been living in OZ for 10 years now and have yet to find ANY decent Mexican food.

    I do miss it so


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      No good Mexican AT ALL! The one's I have tried were disgusting!


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        I realise it has been a little while since it was posted, but I iust found this thread recently! I am a fellow American in Sydney. Have been here for a while and also don't have any family (other than my in laws). I would love to meet some others from the states as well.

        PS: I have also been disappointed with the Mexican food since being here. I lived in California for a while and was very spoilt having such regular access to it. I think I took it for granted.


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          Just looking through this forum and wondered if any of you have tried Baja Cantina glebe and Flying fajita also glebe?

          My DH thinks they are pretty good and makes us go there all the time (he too had mexican withdrawal when moving here from USA).


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            Anyone had any good Mexican food near Brisbane? Missing it!