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Looking for Uk or SA moms in Sydney Chatswood or any moms free for catch ups!

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  • Looking for Uk or SA moms in Sydney Chatswood or any moms free for catch ups!

    Hi there,

    I am South African and recently moved from London to Sydney having spent 9 years in London. my hubby is Aussie and we have a 6.5 month old baby boy. In london we had a moms/parents group called the NCT and I am looking for something similar in Sydney but am struggling. Would love to meet other stay at home moms with similar aged babies.
    Please be in touch if you are interested. ALways nice to expand the social groups!

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    Hi, I'm from the UK and my husband is South African We just emigrated over to Sydney from the UK and are living in Mona Vale, north of Chatswood. I have a 16 month old son who is currently at home with me ( so a little bit older) but would be happy to meet up with you for coffee or park/beach trips as don't know too many other mums here just yet and also had an active NCT group of friends when back in the UK. x


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      Thanks for your message. Interesting I'm wondering what brought a saffa and Brit to oz but the weather is probably my first guess:-)

      Would love to catch up for a coffee; 16mth old I can get some tips off you too!

      Let me know when you next in Chatswood shopping and we can catch up over a coffee and then perhaps take a walk to a park so your little one can run around like most 16mth olds do!

      I know I miss my NCT sooo much!!! Sydney definitely needs something similar for the social networking bit don't you think??

      Send me your private email and we can correspond directly that way.



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        Hi ladies,
        I'm a Brit just moved back to Oz after 18 months in China/UK. I've got a ten-month-old and would love to meet some mums nearby. We're in Crows Nest but easy to get up to Chatswood. Look forward to hearing from you.


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          Hello there,

          Sounds lovely, I have a 9mth old so happy to meet up too.

          Do you want to send me a private message(via this site) and we can arrange from there?

          Chat soon


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            Great - speak soon