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  • hey!

    Anybody feel they are seriously missing out on family since having baby? I have a 15 month old and my family( mum and dad )who would be wonderful grandparents live in uk . Here we have two sets of grand parents from my husbands parents spilt side have seen my son maybe 6 times and couldn't care less about making the effort....the other side is always busy but are son has no grandparents in his life bascially. It makes me so sad no one cares. My grandparents were always around and it was good. My son sees no one over the age of 35!!!! its so important. So I was wondering if anyone has done adopt a granny? Im also up for being an adoptive aunt if someone wants to swap... ha ha ha . Anyway, better stop moaning the sun is out and i should count my lucky stars for being able to go to the beach now..........

  • #2

    I think I know exactly how you feel, its so hard isnt it when your babies are growing up so far away from family. I feel so guilty about it everyday, for my kids as well as for my family. My mum is obsessed with my kids they are her first grandchildren and she adores them. Thankfully she really makes an effort and we skype all the time and she has been out to see us a bit so at least she isnt a stranger to them but not everyone is like that and it makes me so sad.

    ......As my husband always says though, in our case we have moved to Australia for our kids and there is no better place we dont think to bring them up and we think they have a fab life (hope they do too!!) But I do worry about our kids spending time with others/family/older people.

    Where abouts are you? We are Gold Coast - if your close by I dont mind being your adopted aunty-your babys, not yours obviously!!!