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tips for surviving a visit from the inlaws?!

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  • tips for surviving a visit from the inlaws?!


    so the countdown has started - 6 weeks until the inlaws arrive for a 3 week stay (1st time since we emigrated) and I am already dreading it! The longest we have ever had them visit is for 2 days and we've always been relieved when they've left... anyone got any tips for how to survive?!

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    Hiya my in-laws arrive this week for 6 weeks arrrggghhh, they came last year for 6 weeks aswell all I can say is stock up on the wine.......... and try to get out on your own as much as poss. As much as it was great for them to be here for the kids I was so pleased when they went home.
    Have fun and make use of the baby sitters while you can