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Dutch Licorice in Pregnancy??

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    Ohhh I want some, I want some!!
    DH is dutch but doesn't know where I can get my hands on some of this yummy licorice goodness *salivates*....


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      Originally posted by wocket View Post

      On te plus side I haven't heard anything bad about spekelas or strautwaffle (spelling?)
      Too true, and did you know that Aldi actually sell Spekelaas sometimes.

      Mothersmilk, that story is too cute! We used to have a dutch man drive around the neighbourhood in a van selling all kinds of dutch stuff, but then we moved, so my parents would buy it at Myers and it used to cost heaps for a piddly little 300gms or something. My Dad just buys it at the Confectionary warehouse now.
      And you're right about not knowing many people in real life who eat it, I remember my friends trying some and spitting it out and carrying on as though it was poison and I used to get so mad because it was such a waste (I could have eaten it) and I knew how much it used to cost.

      pookiesossige, Our Woolworths/Safeway sell some DL in the lolly section, mainly just the DZ ones in the roll and sometimes the black little cats. David Jones in the confectionary section, and most delis now stock it.