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South African mums who used Cuddlers nappies in SA

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  • South African mums who used Cuddlers nappies in SA

    Hi there

    I live in Adelaide, South Australia, and am expecting a laatlammetjie in early May. I have 2 teenage sons who were both born in South Africa (Cape Town). When they were babies, the only nappies that I found to be a good, comfortable fit for them were the Cuddlers nappies. Unfortunately, they aren't available in Australia. I wondered if anyone could recommend an alternative brand that is similar to the Cuddlers nappies, that I could try instead. Most people seem to recommend Huggies, but when my boys were babies, I didn't find the fit between the legs very good (too wide) and the plastic edging around the legs would irritate them. Do you know if they've improved at all?

    Any input would be appreciated. I can't afford to spend a lot of money trying different nappies and then not being able to use them.

    Thanks, Beth
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    HI Beth
    I've only just seen your post. I'm also in Adelaide and from Cape Town too.
    I don't know what Cuddlers nappies are like as I've never used them but from what I've heard, Huggies seem way different over here in Australia compared to other countries. When we went to the UK we used Pampers, but I've been pretty happy with Huggies here. What have you been using? I assume you've had your little baby?
    Take care.
    Angie x