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    Dear all,

    We are preparing for our move to Brisbane in Jan 2008.....I would like to ask for some recommendations for movers....preferably cheap and good!!

    Also, would appreciate if you could advise the items that we should buy in Singapore and to bring it over to AU (either cos it is a lot more expensive in AU or we can't get it in AU).

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

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    I used Interport. Very professional and cheaper than a lot of the companies I enquired with.

    A full 20-ft container costs $7500 (fixed price) but not inclusive of insurance yet. If you put in less, then it actually costs more to ship.

    At first we didn't intend to ship all our furniture, but it didn't make sense to pay more for shipping and end up paying more to buy furniture and appliances... so we shipped all our stuff

    Overall I was more than pleased with their excellent service. On the receiving end, my husband was very impressed with the service too... no complaints at all


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      I am a freight forwarder and have worked for a few freight forwarders so if you like pm me and i will give you the name of s few companys and what you will require to happen

      I do know that most large freight forwarders will not touch personal effects however there are certain companies that specialise init. They will also have it arranged to go to your door.

      If you go through a larger freight forwarder and not a mover youwill be charged at a higher rate.

      I sugeest you use Kent International but do get a quote and if you would like someone in the industry to look at it for you let me know i will be happy to have a look for you

      Please let the company do it all on your behalf becuase if you orangise through a liner your self you will be hit up for mega mega costs

      Charges you will be looking at are as follows
      Origin Charges such as pick up and wharfage and export clearences fuel and sercurity, Fumigation

      Destination charges include port service, terminal handling, lift on lift off (aka lolo), Delivery order fee, security, delivery depending on where you live depends on the cost, customs clearence, AQIS fees

      Please also take into account the size of container you will need. If you only have half a container you will be charge per cubic metre and this cost will out weigh the cost of shipping a full container and you will be up for a lot more then a full container.

      When the container arrives here you will need to have it clerared through customs and quarantine.

      Quarantine will want to look at the goods so be prepared to be hit up with AQIS charges. I would suggest getting your goods fumigated and ensure you have the certificate with you when AQIS are inspecting other iwse you will need to have it fumigated here

      If you use the removalist which i strongly suggest they will clear the goods through customs for you however they will require a packing list and if anything is under 12 months old they will need a commerical invoice for Customs perposes eg Duty and GST.

      If you want anymore infomation lert me know