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Mandarin Playgroup/Class in Perth

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  • Mandarin Playgroup/Class in Perth

    Anyone knows of any Mandarin playgroups or enrichment play classes for toddlers in Perth? We don't speak Mandarin at home and I would like my toddler to be exposed to this language. We're moving to Perth at the end of the year and I've read about Julia Gabriel classes conducted in Mandarin.

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    I'm not sure how young they start but a lot of people send their kids to Chung Wah for chinese classes.


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      Thanks Maiko! Will check it out....


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        Mandarin Playgroup/ classes for toddlers


        I am also interested in teaching my two toddlers Mandarin from an early age. We do not speak Mandarin at home. Did you find a playgroup or classes appropriate for toddlers in Perth? Your original post is now two years old so I hope you get this message. Thank you.


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          Mandarin Chinese classes for toddlers/kids in Perth W.A.

          Re. Chinese Mandarin immersion classes for babies/kids in South Perth Australia in June 2011
          I read at that a new startup called Multilingual Kids proposes to start Mandarin Chinese classes for babies/toddlers from 18 months to 7 years. The time and place is at St Mary's Anglican church at 9 Ridge St in South Perth in June 2011.

          The website says:
          The classes will cater to kids from 18 months to 3 years and 3 years to 6 years of age.
          The class term will involve a one hour lesson once per week for a 10 week term, delivered by a native Mandarin speaker.
          Each student will be accompanied by a parent or guardian during each lesson.
          The lessons are Chinese Mandarin immersion through fun, music & play

          I believe Mandarin will be a useful and important language for my daughter's future so I want her to start learning early, so I plan to enrol her.

          More details here:


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            interested to see how the playgroup goes.
            we have a mandarin playgroup but its through the church and the parents are native speakers.
            we speak cantonese at home, so would definately consider putting DD into a mandarin playgroup (forces me to brush up too haha)


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              Mandarin playgroup in Perth?

              Trisha, where is the mandarin playgroup? Perhaps my daughter could go there?


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                Im not in Perth Sorry


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                  I'm here to recommend you a free e-book for your kids to learn
                  Chinese. My 3-year-old twins really enjoy using it. It's amazing.
                  Maybe you could have a try.