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Have baby here? Or go back to NZ?

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  • Have baby here? Or go back to NZ?

    Hi ,

    well where do I start?
    I am pregnant with my first child, and have been living in Australia for close to 9months now. I really don't want to go back to NZ to have baby but I'm being told by everyone that it might be good for me as it is quite expensive to have baby here . What I really want to know is, how hard is it really to have a baby here and is it really that expensive? How much money are we looking at here? I have been to my first doctors appointment today and was surprised it never cost me anything as I was told it would. The only thing i had to pay for was medication which I don't mind, thank god for Medicare !! Does anyone know will scans cost me? And also I was told it would cost me anywhere from $2,000 upwards just to have baby. Please if anyone could give me some advice on this I would very much appreciate it! Thank you x

    Literally pulling my hair out , heeeeelp !

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    If you're on Medicare and go through the public system it shouldn't cost you a thing. I recall only one scan that wasn't covered by Medicare (20wk scan I think?).

    I'm not sure about going private though.


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      If you go public it will be free. And having a baby here is better as you will get the baby bonus. And bub will have the opportunity to become an Aussie citizen if they live here until they're 10.


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        If you are registered with medicare, then yes, public will not cost you much or anything, and as pp says, your child can become a citizen after 10 yrs ( I didn't know that)

        I had 3 children in Aus, but as I had entered the country pre 2001, mine are all AUS citizens.

        Your child can be registered as a NZ citizen by descent through your bloodline. (My kids all have dual citizenship) It is only filling out a form, but it does cost a bit unfortunately.


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          I'm a NZer living here and am pregnant with second bub. Going public if you have medicare is free. Depending on your hospital your scans might be free too (mine were this time) otherwise they can be $2-300 before medicare rebate if you have then done privately (or cheaper if you shop around or have health card). This pregnancy has only cost me the fee to see my GP for hospital referral (she doesn't bulk bill). If you have private health insurance you could go private and you'll be out of pocket a couple of thousand. Not worth it in my opinion. Public has more options (I chose birthcentre care) at least where I live (Brisbane) and decreased chance of interventions than private anyway (based on stats). DH is an Aust citizen so my kids are automatically too. If you're elegible for paid parental leave that will be better than baby bonus too. I think NZ is generally more supportive of natural birth and midwives but most places here have birthcentres or midwifery teams although they can book out if you leave it too late. Depends what type of birth experience you'd like.

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            Thank you lovely mummy's for helping me out. I've been fighting back the tears today as I have only been getting negativity elsewhere .

            From the comments I received I guess public would be the way to go for me . I don't see the point nor do we have the money to be paying to go private . Also I've been told I will not get the baby bonus either, which doesn't bother me too much . It would certainly help alot but was just wondering if anyone could tell me more about that as I have googled it and couldn't find much . I am due early Feb .

            And is there anything else important that I should know or look into? Anything that you think will help me in the slightest I am open to anything . I'm pretty much doing this alone , I have no family here, only my partner and I and we are quite young but are determined . I want this baby more then anything ! And we've made a home here in Aussie I really really don't want to give everything up ...if we don't have to . Thank you all so so much !!


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              There's no reason you should be significantly out of pocket for having a baby here. Find a GP who bulk bills and try to get into a public hospital program you feel comfortable with, such as the midwifery team, shared care (your bulk billing GP and the public obstetrician), or obstetrics through the public hospital. Birth in a public hospital as a public patient is free, and so is your stay and the baby's.

              The only thing I think you need to know is that as a NZ citizen you are not eligible for some centrelink services, including baby bonus, but you are eligible for family tax benefits and childcare benefits. So definitely call them and have a chat about forms so that you are ready.

              You can manage this right here OP, I can't see a reason for you to go home unless you want to


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                You shouldn't have any out of pocket expenses, as long as your GP and ultrasound place are bulk billing and you go public for hospital.

                The system sucks in that most places don't have home visit midwives and maternity is (IMO) not as good here in terms of continuity of care etc... but it's done well where it matters most.

                If you aren't in a stable relationship, I'd be going home before the baby is born so you don't become trapped here, but if all is well and great there, there should be no reason to go home.

                Originally posted by Marepoppin View Post
                The only thing I think you need to know is that as a NZ citizen you are not eligible for some centrelink services, including baby bonus, but you are eligible for family tax benefits and childcare benefits. So definitely call them and have a chat about forms so that you are ready.
                New Zealanders qualify for Baby Bonus.


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                  You WILL get the baby bonus, family tax benefits, childcare benefit/rebate, rent assistance (a couple of these are means tested).

                  I had my baby in a public hospital which didn't cost anything, I did have to pay for a few tests that weren't completely covered by medicare (ultrasounds, amnio).

                  If I had my time over again, I would have had my baby in NZ, but that is because my relationship didn't last and I was stuck here with no financial support. PM me if you want more information.
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                    We are entitled to baby bonus :-)


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                      IMO your better off having bub here. I'm due to have number 2 (first baby in Aus, first one was born in NZ) and I have noticed a huge difference. First of all the baby bonus YOU WILL GET is great, it's something we don't get in NZ so it's awesome to be offered a bonus like that! The maternity care I have received is much the same as what I received in NZ, in fact I like my current team of midwives a lot more than my NZ one :thumbup: clothing and baby needs (pram, car seat, bassinet etc) is so much cheaper and a lot more variety. The hospital I will be birthing at is 10 times nicer than my NZ one. The only downfall was the out of pocket expenses for my scans, all 3 of them costing around $130 after medicare benefit. Having said that I didn't "shop around" for a cheaper scan place.

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                        Gee I'm sorry you have been on the end of a lot of negativity, and I hope all the information you have just got has helped to lay your mind at rest. I know very well the feeling of being in a new country with no family support, being pregnant, and trying to negotiate an unfamiliar system, especially when you are getting conflicting information!

                        Take care, and all the best with your pregnancy, and settling into Oz.