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    Hi there

    We will be moving to Melbourne - is there anyone could give us some helping hands here?

    We are home-hunting and would greatly appreciate mums living in Melbourne or surrounding areas to share their words of wisdom as to whether this area is good living for families.

    I wonder if there is anyone out there could share some thoughts about housing and maybe even, can tell me any of the best complex/housing estates to live in.

    Also are there many asian chinese around?
    (worried I would become a recluse)

    Thanks so much and looking forward to meet some of you after our move!

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    This may be a bit late but do you still need any advice?

    Which area of HK you are in and what type of environment (e.g. more trees, like hills or flat terrain, want to be near lake or beach, needs to be near city or Chinese districts, etc) you want to live in Melbourne, whether you are planning to work (and where), whether you want to drive or use public transport?
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