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Just got homesick! SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS THREAD!

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  • Just got homesick! SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS THREAD!

    Hi ladies,

    We are Canadians living in the Southern Highlands, NSW. We are on pro work Visa 457 and we are really excited about having our first in Aus but admit that we are slightly overwhelmed with the medical system. We have lived here for 2 years and have had to access it but are not sure what to expect now that we are pregnant.

    ANY and I mean any suggestions and advice you have I would really appreciate it. We just tested positive on the week end and I have my first docs appointment Monday, I am due mid-Feb 2014 so it is very early days...

    Hope you are all well.

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    Hi Cmack - I'm not Canadian but I just wanted to say hi. No particular reason, except that I travelled to Toronto in 2002 and had a freakin awesome time, and my hubby used to live in Vancouver and he loved it.
    Welcome to the hub, I hope you find some fellow Canadians to chat to


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      Hi! Wish I had some advice, but we are even newer than you. We JUST arrived on a work visa and are planning on having another kid while we are here. Keep posting on any info you find out. I am totally overwhelmed at the thought of figuring out a whole new medical system!!