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  • Moving to Bunbury

    Hi Ladies,

    DH (24) & I (22) are currently planning on moving to Bunbury mid this year. We're currently TTC, (8months) so fx it won't be too much longer until I'm a Bunbury mother!

    I was just wondering if anyone could help me out in regards to good area to live?

    We are looking at buying a house, but want to do so just off DH's wage so that we don't have too much of a commitment while having little ones - we can always upgrade later.

    Because of this we don't have a very big budget, and have been looking around the Withers area. I've been told to stay clear of Carey Park, but any advice on where to look at would be great!

    Thanks so much for any advice ladies

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    Sorry have just seen this, we're in Dalyellup, same thing about the wage but we built, maybe south bunbury as well, have a look at house and land, tree dale and mill bridge are nice too but more eaton
    let me know when you're here
    Mel x


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      Thanks for your reply! I've been looking at Dalyellup recently as I've seen a few 4x2's for about 350k.

      We've decided to stick where we are for a little longer as dh wants to retrain which will take 6 months, so most likely moving mid - end of next year now. Just gives me a little more time to research

      Did you find building a house stressful?