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    Hi everyone,
    I'm 36 and 11 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I'm due on 10th September 2012. I live in Perth in the Armadale area.
    I'm looking to find people who can share stories about pregnancy etc.. The first 11 weeks have been harder than I thought. Although I haven't had any morning sickness (just a bit of queasiness here and there), I have been very tired and feel like I have little energy. I just want to be excited about my pregnancy, but hormones and tiredness have kicked in.
    I don't really know anybody close to me that is also pregnant. I know women with school aged kids, but it would be nice to meet someone in a similar situation to myself. I have a partner and he is wonderful, I'm just missing female contact if you know what I mean
    I look forward to hearing from people soon.