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  • New playgroup anyone interested

    [SIZE="6"]Hi I recently moved to the Butler area, there are plenty of new housing estates here and I assume plenty of mums moving to the area who don't know anyone yet. I am also finding myself in this position and would love to make new and exciting friends, my 2 girls are 20 months and 4 yrs old. I am happy to start up a new playgroup if the interest is there.
    It is hard joining established playgroups or mothers groups as they are usually already a tight knit group and newbies are often left feeling alone still.

    I am 31 and very young at heart, I'm looking for a fun bunch of mums who are like minded so that ourselves and our kids can have a good time.

    Please reply to this thread if interested.

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    Hi Milpip!

    I was just on here about to start a thread for Butler mums for a picnic/meet up either tomorrow or Thursday. I don't have a mothers group yet but have previously met one mum and her 2 kids off here.

    I have moved here from Sydney so I know no body and my DP works FIFO so would love to meet fellow Butler Mummies to catch up with and create some friendships with. Was thinking maybe 12-12:30 wed or thurs. Let me know. I will make a thread in the Northern Suburbs section of Perth.

    Cheers, nat

    Me - 27
    DP - 29
    DD - 14 months


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      Meet up

      Hi there thanks for responding, where were you thinking of having the meet up/picnic, I am free tomorrow but it's prob too late now to organize anything.
      Let me know I'd love to meet some new people. Thanks Samantha.


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        Hey Samantha,

        I haven't had any other replies but will be seeing EJMummy off here tomorrow if you'd like to join us. It will probably be 10:30-11 ish. I have to find out from her.

        If you can't come then, let me know when you are free and we will organise something another day.

        Can't wait to meet more people up here!!


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          Oh and I was thinking about the duck pond near the shops on Kingsbridge...


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            Hi I'm Bek I'm 23 and I have a 4 yr old, 9 mth old and am 8 weeks with #3. I live in Merriwa and I'm definitely wanting to meet new people


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              Hi LH!!!

              You were just making me giggle with the story about your wife being so high maintenance... Haha

              For sure. Like I said to Samantha, I have to find out what time is good for EJMummy... I totally forgot today about replying to her text. I'm such a sh!t person.

              Unless the both of you are free on Friday and we can organise a bit better. EJMummy has playgroup on Friday at some point but I'm free as a bird. Well... You know... Apart from having a 14 month old devil spawn. Hahaha.


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                LOL mine are devils too, they can be evil together

                I'm free whenever!


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                  Ok well I obviously can't message her now so I'll have to do it in the morning...

                  Ah crap!!

                  I have just remembered that I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow at 10ish... Bugger. Will have to cancel on her. Man I really am sh!t!!!

                  Ok well if you guys want to do Friday I'm cool with that. There is another mum up here in Butler that I will msg on here too. Yay!! People!!!!


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                    There's no rush, we can just discuss on here when everyone can come I'm feeling like absolute crap right now so don't hold my feralness against me


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                      Me too! I'm 10 weeks with #2 so definately know where you're coming from. Except minus one little person. Lol


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                        Ha ha

                        I can tell this meet up is going to be fun when we can co ordinate it, my 4 yr old is at kindy tomorrow and I take the 20 month old to swimming at 10 am. Maybe we can make it Monday or Wednesday next week.
                        I don't have devil spawn children, so I can come spread some of my angel dust on you all.. Sorry I missed today I was feeling crappy and did not even check my email.
                        Really looking forward to meeting you guys. I like the duck pond near the shops too, there is a few nice playgrounds for the kiddies too.

                        Let me know what you all decide. I'm.pretty easy apart from Tuesday or Friday.


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                          Hey, it didn't happen today. But we should organise for maybe monday next week?

                          If everyone is free on Monday that would be great! Suggest a time amd I will work around it as DD doesn't have a set routine.

                          Angel dust would be awesome Milpip. Although, my DD is generally angellic when we are out. It's just when we are home alone that she is evil. Hahaha

                          Have a great night ladies!!


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                            Is everyone on facebook? We could make a secret group on there and organise it that way...Im always losing threads on here.


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                              DanceInTheRain - I don't think my pm's are working... Have you gotten anything from me?