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Leaving the City to Kalgoorlie

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  • Leaving the City to Kalgoorlie

    Hi Guys!
    So in the space of 24 hrs my hubby and I have gone from living quietly in the city with our 16 mth old to deciding we are off to Kalgoorlie! I'm 2 months pregnant! Hubby was handed his dream job on a plate so we cant say no... So here's my situation... Never been to Kal, Won't know anyone and am a little scared but also very excited! Any one out there who is in Kal!?????

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    Hi Coops2303,
    I have been in kal for about 5mths now. My partner, son & I moved here as Kurt got a job in the mines. Toby was only 4mths at the time so I was a pretty big thing for us, (we moved from the far north coast of NSW so we have no family anywhere near us over here!) Where are you moving from and when would you be moving this way?
    Kal is along way from being a city but it's not a bad town. If there is anything you wanna know about it here, feel free to ask, I'll help as much as possible.
    Most people are pretty friendly as most are in or have been in the same situation.
    Everyone I've talked to has only had good stories about having babies here too!


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      Hi There! So hubby will be in Kal in 2 weeks and me and our little man will be moving end of April. So I'm a single mum for 3 months! :-( We Are moving from Perth so I'll be getting our house rented out and packing etc! I'm hoping my morning sickness subsides soon! It'll make the whole process a bit easier! Im planning of making a trip on the march long weekend for a few days to check it out! Maybe we can catch up? Itd be nice to know at least one person!


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        Hi There

        Just wondering where abouts you are living? We are in the process of looking for a house and are looking around Hannans, Lamington, Sommerville area. Have you heard anything about these places? Looks like we will be moving in the next 6 weeks! Cant wait. Its tough being apart from hubby! He got to Kal last saturday.

        Im actually getting excited! Weird!

        Chat Soon


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          The newer suburbs like broadwood out near the airport are nice and close to the leisure centre which has a huge indoor pool and gym and plenty of classes for preggo mums ,well it was when I was there last and it's not so loud from the super pit ,I swear I could hear those trucks all night sometimes and the closer you get to the pit the more your house rattles too which is at the top end of town. Parts of hannans is nice the houses are mostly old but still brick and there is a nice park and shopping center up that side of town too. Laminton is close to town and again in some parts a bit dodgy but mostly nice ,there is a mix of townhouses, old fiber weather board houses and brick on blocks from 500squ to 1/4 acres.
          Sounds like you have picked a good time to go up as the summer is hot ,too hot to be moving thats for sure.
          Oh and check out the air conditioning on the houses for rent as it is essential in summer and a lot of houses have wood fires in the old houses too.
          The newer houses are mostly on town gas but there is still plenty on gas bottles and the town water is for showering in only that is unless you want to filter all the chlorine out of it to drink, its pretty yuck and warm most of summer as it travels up the pipeline from Perth.
          Good luck with your move it is a lovely place to live with friendly people and some great baby doctors. Oh and if your just preg make sure you book with an ob as soon as you get there as their places fill quick.


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            Sorry I haven't replied sooner... I did try to send you a private msg awhile ago, did you get that?
            My email is if you want to keep in touch, I always check that but aren't on here all that much anymore.
            We're renting a house in West lamington, I really like it over here. We're near Hammond Park (I really good park for the kids) and another lovely park where you can take your dogs and they can swim in the dam etc. We can't hear the superpit from here, but we are on the far side if Lamington.
            We were in Boulder for awhile, didn't mind it, we were in a half decent part but now we're over here we can see the difference! We were near the airport as well and we barely heard it.
            Hannans, Lamington & Piccodily are all on this side of town. The newer houses can get very pricey to rent but then there are alot of really ****ty houses too. But if you keep your eye out you can find a good house and a good price. Alot of house blocks have been halved and another house built behind, means the backyards can get small but there are big colourbond fences everywhere so you still get pretty good privacy. Let me know if you want me to do a drive by any that you look at and I can let you know how it and the area looks.
            Somerville and Broadwood are both new estates near the airport, on the way to Boulder. They look really nice but can't really tell you much about them, we didn't really look there because they were priced more then what we wanted to pay.
            I know one real estate agent to avoid if possible, they cost us alot of money, for nothing! I'll tell you about it in email if you want... we're asked around since and they're got a really bad name for themselves.
            You are a very brave woman packing up by yourself! I hope you have alot of family & friends that can help, and I hope your morning sickness goes away soon. How far along are you again? I'm actually expecting another lil bundle too! Yay! Anyway, I would luv to catch up when you come over for the lil holiday.
            Email me or look me up on Facebook.


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              I have lived in Kal for two years and aside from it being so far from Perth and the ocean I think it is a pretty good town to live in.

              As for suburbs the best part of old Kal is Lamington (there are a few streets known as the golden triangle which is on the east side of the suburb). Personally I would not live in Boulder but some parts are okay - ask around about particular streets because some of them are well known for trouble.

              Hannans has some good streets but its crime rate has increased in recent years.

              I think it is crazy that the suburbs close to the airport as some of the most expensive properties, but if you want new estate homes then over that way is for you (Sommerville being the best suburb over that way).

              There are all the shops that you need up here - note I said need not necessarily all that you want. One plus is that there is a 24 hours supermarket in Hannans which if you are from Perth you will understand is a big deal as there are no 24 shops in the city.

              The people are generally friendly and there are alot of services/things to do for young families as Kal wants to pride itself on being a family friendly town.

              Food is more expensive then Perth and fresh veges/fruit is essentially non existant as the stuff you get in woolworths etc has been in storage for quite a while.

              I think Kal is what you make it - they say that if you live here for two years you will end up being here for ten years heh. It does get under your skin. We return to Perth every 6 weeks or so and although I love seeing my family I enjoy getting back to the wide streets and lack of traffic that comes with a smaller town (the population is 30,000 so it isn't that small).

              The noise of the super pit is something that you get used to and you can almost set your clock by the couple of blasts that happen per day.

              I am happy to answer any other questions if you have them or link you into things.

              Good luck with the packing :-)


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                Hi ladies! I dont live in kal but my hubby is literally in the process of driving there and I'm in Brisbane with our 4 month old he was offered a job in the mines FIFO but has to drive his tools over so he's half way there! He has a really crappy roster and will only be home for 4 days every 3 weeks ... Its only until may so we're going to try deal with it till then! Im a blubbering mess though!
                Can you guys tell me of anything he can do when he has his other 3 days off?? I'm worried he's going to be bored! I know hes a big boy and he can fend for himself but I think I just need reassurance that he's going to be ok!! Thanks so much


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                  For the most part there is the same things to do here as anywhere else (okay minus beach activites which is a bummer but 3 hours from Kalgoorlie is Esperance which has some of the best beaches in WA if not Australia and 3 days gives him enough time to head down there if he wants to fish etc).

                  Like most regional towns sport is very popular and all the usual types football, basketball, hockey, golf, gyms etc

                  There are pubs everywhere if he enjoys socialising and a drink.

                  If he is creative at all there are popular theatre groups etc

                  With only 3 days off each swing I doubt that he will have time to get bored. He could also fly to Perth once in a while to check the city out.


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                    ok so i have no idea how to use this online forum thingy...very useless when it come to comps...i've been in kal since end of feb 2011, hubby works in most desperate for adult conversation and the odd night off from being mum, referee, house wife and dog walker!

                    i'm 30 (old i know), have to kiddies a 4 year old girl and an almost 2 year old boy


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                      How are you finding Kal so far?
                      We've been here for about 9mths now. My partner is also working in the mines, driving dump trucks in the super pit.
                      I'm 25, my partner is 32 this year and we've got a 14mth old son and number 2 is on the way, due 30th Aug very exciting!
                      I've met some lovely ladies here so far, most have kids around the same ages of yours too. Would be more then happy to meet up with you, email me at or find me on Facebook as I don't check bub hub much anymore.



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                        Hi Everyone
                        We've been in kalgoorlie 7 years.... my hubby was in the mines for a while but now has a really good job delivering explosives to underground mines, which means he has weekends off - when he doesn't play golf
                        found out last week i am UTD after 3 years of trying
                        Am seeing Barney, but i've been seeing him for three years so i'm used to him now.


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                          Hi Everyone
                          My fiancé and I have just made the decision that we are moving to Kalgoorlie! We are very excited to get organized and get over there! we are from a small country town in Victoria.. Could anybody please give us some advice on applying for jobs in the mines? He is an A grade electrician but has been told he will have to apply for entry level jobs to start off with because he has no mining experience. That's , but we are still finding it quite hard to find any.. If anybody has any contacts or knows any company's looking for workers would be great if you could help us out. I am also so excited for this new chapter in our lives and would love to meet some other mummy's ( we have a 4 month old son) that are living in kalgoorlie
                          Jess xx


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                            I don't know how many mines take on new comers in Kal. I do know there is a mine in Norseman (200km from kal, south ways to Esperance) that takees on "newbies". My old mate got into the mines at that one in Norseman.
                            Good luck


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                              I live in Kal and I have just asked my DH and he said that if your partner has a high voltage certificate he will be able to pick up work easily on the mines or in one of the many contracting companies around town.

                              He could trying Mining People International Kalgoorlie branch, try and get the local paper before you comeThe Kalgoorlie Miner for vacancies (Wed and Sat editions),Strudwick is a recruitment agency that may be of assistance and generally look up the Kalgoorlie Bunsiness Directory online and call the contractors/employers that may employ an electrician to see if there are any vacancies.