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    Hi everyone, im new to bubhub and would like advice or opinions to possibly do a course online. I want to eventually get back into work after having my children im looking to upskill so i can get a great job, hopefully in management. Anyone else out there who is in my position and doesn't know where to start? Some help and advice would be great, thank you!

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    Hi there, I did an online course in mental health. It got me absolutely nowhere and I'm still stuck in the same career I wanted to leave 4 years ago.

    Maybe others were luckier than me, but it was an absolute waste of money.


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      I'm currently studying psychology online through CQUni. It's great. Very flexible and I manage it fine with 3 and all the other craziness of life (dancing, football, tennis, partner, sick kids, etc) I don't have surrounding support. I do it part time and it's great. Other friends I know are going through the same uni different degrees that also have young children and love it! Check them out Central, Queensland university. My degree offers a wide range of job options at the end. Take on something you enjoy that also has good job prospects afterwards.


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        Hi hopeful 1986, thank you for your advice and im sorry to hear of your experience with online learning. I was in a similar situation as you. I was in a career that i didn't like and wanted to get out but then i fell pregnant. Ive completed my family now and i dont want to return to my previous career which is why im considering doing a management type course online. Have you maybe thought of giving another course a go like something more general so it gives you opportunity to get into other careers? Im currently looking to sign up but wanted people's views, thank you again.


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          I did the course while also working full time. Part of the requirement for my course was work experience, which I booked in annual leave at my actual job to do. I did 2 weeks (should have been longer, but not possible for me), really enjoyed it, but found out that about a month after I would finish up, the government was scrapping the funding for the program I was working in and putting it towards a new program. I may have actually been able to get a job there if they weren't closing the section down. I wanted to be a support worker, which according to the research I did was in high demand. Well, not for someone who has barely any experience. Every time I went online to look for work it was either part time or temporary (not an option at the moment) and they wanted minimum 2 years experience. I have found very very little employers are willing to hire people who are starting out. Not in the field I want to enter anyway. I understand why, but at the same time, how are newbies supposed to gain experience, you know?

          My course was a TAFE course, so not nearly as expensive as university, but was still a bit. I don't have kiddos yet, but am considering starting my career change while on maternity leave when/if I do fall pregnant because at least I'll have a bit more extra time, so yes...I will be looking into changing my career again. It's much easier if you are still in the same career, but just looking for a change in position, but when you are doing a complete change in career, it's tough.

          I enjoyed the course greatly, but it's the favorable outcome I wanted out of it, which I didn't manage to get. I'm not giving up though. The whole reason I was doing what I was doing was to firstly enter the mental health industry, gain some experience and then move onto a degree in counselling or psychology. Easier said than done for me!

          My advice would be to be careful about the path you choose to take and make sure it is possible to find work with a degree/certificate you got online.