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Primary schools in Ferntree Gully / Boronia

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  • Primary schools in Ferntree Gully / Boronia

    Hi everyone,

    Can you please advise some good primary schools in this area?
    We are going to move soon, kid is only 3, but nor much time left before school...
    Looked at main ones at and most of them are average and below average..
    The only one nearby which seems to be better is the Knox school but it's private. Does anyone has feedback about "the Knox" and/or others?
    As separate question, any feedback about Amaroo Child Care Centre would be very valuable.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I would look at Ferntree Gully North Primary if you are looking in zone for Boronia and FTG. It is a wonderful school with a great approach.

    Templeton is great but you would be applying out of area unless you move to that zone. Good for high academic achievers but they are hard to get in to.

    The Boronia k-12 is also getting some really good feedback. They also have a great early learning centre so are worth a look straight away if you want to get into sessional kinder.


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      Oh, and my DS started at the private you mentioned and we removed him due to bullying and many other issues and now very very happy at a public school nearby (but not one i mentioned here as is not in Knox zone). I still have friends at the school and some are happy and some are in some ways it does depend on the child. Since having DS at his new school I have become even more dissatisfied with the private he was the point of outrage.

      I could go on...but don't feel it is right to on a public forum.