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  • good schools.....

    i'm looking for good schools in the area that aren't too expensive, and aren't 'too airy fairy' (husband's words- crosses steiner off the list).....
    i have boys in yr8 and 5, and one in kinder next a prep-12 school would be so handy...
    currently at upwey high and upper gully primary and not in love with either!
    any ideas greatly appreciated,
    oh i should add that we're looking in the yarra ranges area too....
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    There have been so many families fleeing Upper Gully lately. What's going on? (And if you know I am really curious).

    If you want a P-12 school your going to have to look at The Knox School or heading towards Berwick or Lilydale. I don't think their are any Hills schools that do P-12. Boronia has the high school and primary school on the same grounds, much like Upwey and Upwey High but the two schools aren't linked. They are now part of the Hills District of schools.


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      My oldest son goes to Knox School and absolutely loves it. The fees are slightly less than other private schools in the area. It has a fantastic academic record also.


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        thanks, i think knox school will be out of our price range but i'll go have another look...
        and i'm not exactly sure why everyone else is leaving upper gully, but i have found that since both the principal and vice-principal left the whole feeling of the school has changed.... and the principal reminds me of delores umbridge (?) from harry potter - not sure if i'm allowed to say that!!!


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          The P-12 in Boronia is opening soon, have you thought about checking that out?
          Apart from that Carrington PS and Scoresby SC are sister schools and they're both fantastic.


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            Hi Lizzy. Just found out that Upper FTG primary is getting a teaching and learning coach for the next two years (2012-2013). We've had one for the last two years and the changes they bring with them are monumental. If you do decide to stay expect an increased range of teaching styles and learning opportunities for staff that filter quickly through to students. Bastow will also be better implemented next year too. (I did a bit of digging for you).