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Jubilant July meet up

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  • Jubilant July meet up

    Hi all.

    Thought I would start a place for those who live in and around Knox that would like to meet up. A Wednesday worked really well in May so I was thinking the 20th or 27th. The first few weeks are school holidays.

    Let me know what you think.


    Sorry, I'm iPhone-lexic

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    I am surprised no one has leapt on this since everyone was so keen in May.
    I would like the 27th. Mainly because DS has a PD appointment this Wednesday.


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      Hi Mare. Sorry I just saw this post! Pretty negligent since I was the one who started this thread. Since it is now August I guess the 27th is out. Hope K went ok at his appointment and your bump bubby is growing along nicely. Oh, and not too much morning sickness for you.


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        It's no problem hon.

        K is doing ok. We had to cancel his appt because I was given the wrong address. But because everything is going to busy for the next 2 months, I will need to rebook after Sept.

        I am doing ok. Had my first midwife appointment. And pretty set now for the next couple of months. 9 weeks along now.

        Tam had her baby yesterday.


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          Oh wow! I didn't think she was due for another week or two. I don't even know what she was having.


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            She was I think a week and a half early.
            She had a baby boy named Zachary Dane. Saw a picture and his gorgeous.

            I will have to talk to her when I see her online next.


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              Wow. Say congratulations for me.


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                Would have loved to catch up in July - only this winter has really taken its toll on my little family. Would be keen to do something in October if anyone else is keen?


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                  Yes we should arrange another meet up!


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                    Hi all, please keep me up to date if a new meeting will be arranged. I've lived here for nearly a year and still haven't met many other mums!


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                      2012 meet ups

                      Hello, anyone keen to get together in the next few weeks? If anyone is keen, I'll organise something. We are moving to Wantirna South early April and I would love love love to have a few mums to hang out with and go for walks etc. I'm a SAHM with (almost) 4 yo boy and (almost) 1 yo girl.