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    I'm not liking being single at all, doesn't help that I also don't get to see the love of my life (my son) near as often as I should, I've tried Internet dating but it doesn't seem to get anywhere, most stop contact after I explain the situation I'm in, My work and volunteering genially don't have people my age group and I don't like going to bars or clubs, so I don't have much social options, I enjoy exercise but not sport (love riding,swimming,hiking, gardening most things outside. plus I cant afford to go on dates so much, I like to pay for the meal, movie tickets etc.

    So on my goal to find more social events and situations that I could attend and enjoy I came across this little beauty, There is a great support network called Parents without partners they hold weekly get together's, dances, picnics, family days etc..

    I went to my local one here
    in Latrobe Valley
    at moe, also serves morwell, taralgon etc.. It was very small and had no one near my age, I'm 26 and the closest parent was a father of a school friend of mine 43, then the gap went to parents who had kids that were 60, so you start to get the idea.
    But it seems like such a wonderful and wasted recourse so If anyone is in the gippy area and would like to get along to some of these events let me know hopefully we can bring the age group down a little bit (no offence)

    Note: this is a worldwide thing there are many groups and I had been assured by the local group that many of the other groups are much more age dispersed so dont let my experience stop you if you are on the younger side (bellow 50)

    If you click on the link bellow then click on the tab (states) then on the drop down menu hover your cursor over your state you will then see your local groups that you can click on to get contact information.
    note: I needed to scroll down to find my local group as it was lower than the displaying window.


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    My mum met my stepdad at PWP and this year will be their 21st wedding anniversary


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      I looked at this before in the Brisbane area.. they were a bit disorganised from memory and just did bbqs where people could bring kids.. my kids were pretty young at the time so the thought of taking 3 young children to some strange bbq picnic area on the northside miles away from me didn't appeal to me... the concept is good but it has to be without kids otherwise you can't talk to people. As I rarely get a break from the children (their father doesn't want to see them much any more).. it's not going to happen for me atm.