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  • city to country???

    we have just found out that we need to move house in a couple of months
    i am a city/suburbs girl and hubby grew up in semi rural. we are considdering moving further out as prices are better and so far we have always had it my way!! being a SAHM (which i'm more than happy about) i'm a bit worried that i will feel isolated... i am so used to shops being open 24/7, coffee shops and restaraunts being just around the corner, having friends close by, etc, etc. on the other hand i'm thinking i might enjoy the peace and quiet ...

    just wondering if anyone else has made this move and what were your expectations, thoughts and feelings, etc??

    also, the area we are considering is whittlesea so also wondering if anyoneknows anything about mum&bub friendly facilities in that area??

    jem & zack 09/02/05

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    We did the city to country when bub was born and I have loved it!

    We live in a VERY tiny village, mostly older fisherman but we have slowly met a few people. It was hard to begin with, I tried mothers group but they were from the larger nearby town and either clicky or too young.

    The longer we have been here our network has grown and just today i got soem cleaning work once a week at the caravan park with view to be relief caretakers!! So slowly but surely we are getting there. Small town mentality means it takes time for people to trust you.

    I love the peace and quiet, my baby is very used to the outdoors, loves the sand and ocean. I often just pack some food and head to the beach for outdoors time.

    We miss the 24/7 food options of sydney, cafes are just plain weird- onnly serve lunch from 11-2pm then kitchen shuts??? I miss my fave thai takeway big time!! Clothes are limited to Kmart- big change for me and I live for my trips to the city for shopping fix!

    Personally I love it but i've always been okay on my own (im an only child so always had to entertain myself!). I dont miss the hecticness of the city and its heaps cheaper!

    Good luck