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  • Melbourne Vs. Geelong

    Hi everyone, My partner and I are moving to Victoria in a couple of months, from Townsville North Qld.
    We were intending to live close to inner city Melbourne (Elwood area and surrounds), however DP suggested we look into Geelong.
    I have been researching Melbourne quite a bit and I know nothing about Geelong.
    I did do a quick rental property search and the variety of choices alone is almost enough to change my preference! -compared to Melbourne
    I was really excited to move to Melbourne for the culture, food, coffee, markets etc. I was wondering what Geelong is like compared to Melbourne?
    I heard Melbourne is about an hour away from Geelong, so I know we don’t have to go too far to access those things, but I would like to live in an area that has a bit to offer as well. I will be living away from my family for the first time so I need to keep busy haha.
    We have two dogs and we’re trying to start a family, so perhaps Geelong is more suited to us?

    For those of you who know Geelong, where are the best areas to live?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'm a Geelongian. lol
    We're finding that so many people from Melbourne are buying property in Geelong nowadays as the reality is that it's becoming quicker to travel from Geelong to Melb than some of the suburbs in Melb.
    They've introduced high velocity trains too which means you're looking at under an hr to get to Melb.
    Price-wise things are cheaper here; from rental prices (as you mentioned), to food, even to something as simple as a haircut.
    I don't know what else I can promote? lol.
    Good restaurants, good people, not as hectic as melb.... less scary to drive in the city than melb... lol.
    People will tell you to avoid this place and that (Corio, Norlane and Whittington) but you'll find as with most places there are just bad areas in those suburbs that give them a bad name- just like there is everywhere else. Rental prices are cheaper in Norlane and Corio and you'll get better value for your money.
    We've recently moved into a rental in Norlane for $210- just renovated, 3 bedroom and a large backyard. I'd suggest driving past the houses you're interested in before applying as you'll be able to tell from the neighbours what it would be like living there.
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      Hi, I have lived in Geelong for most of my life. Dh travels to Melbourne to work because he couldn't get work here. You will get people who love it here and people who don't. I'm in the "I would love to move out of Geelong and never return" camp but my boys go to a great school here and I'm at uni here too...then there are the rental prices as you get closer to Melbourne.

      What don't I like about Geelong? it has one of the highest rates of depression in Australia, there isn't much to do here with kids on a weekend, public transport SUCKS.
      what do I like about Geelong? close to beautiful beaches like Torquay and the Great Ocean road, traffic is nothing like Melbourne, more affordable than Melbourne.

      good luck with your decision


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        I also lived in Geelong for 20yrs and sadly had to sell up and move away 2 years ago. Miss it dearly.

        There are lots of great places to live; I was lucky enough to have a house in Drumcondra which is right next to the city centre and Waterfront. Beautiful spot if you can find and afford a rental there and lots of great events going on down the Waterfront throughout the year. There's also Highton, Newtown, somewhere around Packington Street (lots of great cafes and restaurants down there) or even Waurn Ponds which now has a new road that takes you straight out to Melbourne bypassing Geelong city... or Wallington if you like more of the green country feel. Loads of lovely spots.

        Close to Geelong is Torquay and the Great Ocean road where you will have a short drive to some of the most beautiful beaches and coast in the world. I used to love just heading down there for a drive if I needed an escape.

        Lots of great spots and good restaurants... just check out the Age Good Food guide and Cheap eats books. There's plenty there and it is a much nicer, easier going pace of life if you like the slower lifestyle.

        Al the best whatever you decide!


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          What don't I like about Geelong? it has one of the highest rates of depression in Australia, there isn't much to do here with kids on a weekend, public transport SUCKS.

          Ekk! That is no good at all

          Wow, so many things to consider!

          I am still so torn between the two. The cost of living is going to have a huge impact on the decision I think, but I come from a small city now, which is soo boring, and would like a real change.

          I think I am going to have to do some hard core research!


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            Geelong has everything you need, I guess it depends on what you want from where you live.

            I guess you could trial the place for a year and move if you aren't happy. some people love Geelong


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              I've been through Geelong to go along the great ocean road but yeah don't know too much about the town as such so just wanted to say that Elwood is a BEAUTIFUL suburb, close to the city and beaches and Melbourne has awesome shopping which u will be close to being in Elwood good luck with the move


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                I love Geelong! I'd love to move there one day although I think we are a bit too country now(how you'd get bored in Geelong is beyond me! haha you should try living where I do!)

                Have you considered anywhere else? Bendigo for example? Just 1.5hrs to the CBD on a freeway, lovely regional centre that has everything you need but isn't as hectic as Melbs and even Geelong and is MUCH cheaper than both property wise.
                There's also Ballarat which is a similar distance(but in a different area) although I haven't been there for years.
                I'm not someone who could EVER contemplate living in Melbourne though. I don't mind going down for a night or 2, but I could never ever live there.

                Good luck with your decision!


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                  I grew up in Geelong and loved it . Then I moved to Melbourne for work and live Inner city near Elwood.

                  My husband and I are moving to Ocean Grove in a few months and selling up and leaving our inner city lifestyle.

                  Inner city Melb is expensive, rent and to buy. Traffic is horrible and the trains to commute to work are disgusting.
                  That said I have LOVED living here also. I love the food, coffee and people of St Kilda. So much to do in Melb and so much fun.

                  We are heading back to Geelong way( beachside) for a sea change and closer to families. Geelong has alot of nice cafes and restaurants now.

                  Geelong is a lot cheaper to live in but the wages dont seem so high for some jobs.

                  My advice live in Melb until you want have kids or buy a house then move.
                  Good luck.


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                    I grew up in glong but now live in melb. I love both places for very different reasons. I believe it really depends on what you want out of life. Glong is great for bringing up kids. Lots of sports grounds, close to beaches and some nice Sunday markets etc. Melb is much faster paced. Glong has everything but melb has options. Glong is however less than a hour from melb. As long as you don't travel peak hour you really can have the best of both worlds if u want!


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                      Love Geelong!

                      I live in Geelong west, just off pakington street and it is great! Great cafes here, and pako festa!

                      Melbourne is too busy for my liking, but I do like travelling up every now and then for the Vic market or the south Melbourne one.

                      I find that it makes my trips to Melbourne more enjoyable nit actually living there. I love planning s trip to the aquarium or IMAX or the zoo, and making a day of it.

                      Good luck with your choice


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                        I live on the Melbourne side of Outer Geelong. It has it's Pro's and Con's.
                        CBD and teenage crime has skyrocketed here over the last 12 months.
                        There isn't much to keep teens/ young adults occupied.

                        We love the little town we live in though. 15 mins from the Geelong CBD. 30 mins to the Westgate. It has the feel of a country town with the city at our fingertips.


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                          I use to go on holiday every school holidays to Portarlington which is 30 minutes or so from Geelong.
                          I believe Geelong is a slower paced town, and yes when your children get older they may want to move to melbourne etc.

                          As soon as you said Elwood... well what can i say... yep i would live there anyday before Geelong (no offence)

                          Anywhere on bayside in melbourne are suchhhh nice suburbs and nice people, nice restaurants, atmosphere, beaches. It has it all, from transport which is so good on this side, especially the "sandringham line" trams, buses, shops, chadstone, southland, all the street shiopping. It is one of the best suburbs to live in melbuorne ( i believe anyway)
                          And it has one of the best schools all around as well. From your public to privates.

                          Good luck in making ur choice!


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                            I assumed this was a football thread lol. Guess I am a true melbournian!


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                              Originally posted by kar View Post
                              I assumed this was a football thread lol. Guess I am a true melbournian!