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  • TTC number 2

    Hi everyone

    My name is Jessica and I am 22 years old

    My partner and i already have a 2yr old daughter and we are trying to concieve number 2. For our first things happened quickly and the thing is that this time i need to get pregnant asap. as i will finish my bachelor of nursing this year and therefore i need to do a graduate year next year. i really really need to get preg now in order to have the baby and stay home for a while then start the grad program in about september next year.

    Any ideas on how i will do this? or am i just living in la-la land..???


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    Hi Jessika,
    I don't know if this will help or not but I used ovulation prediction kits to get pregnant and they definitely helped. You get them from the chemist and they have 5 sticks in them that you urinate on in the morning and you will get a blue line that tells you that you are about to ovulate so that is the best time to try (worked for me twice). It takes the guess work out of it (even if you have a regular cycle sometimes you don't ovulate when you think you should be). Best of luck - it can be frustrating when things don't happen when you want them to but pregnancy seems to be one of those things you can't control sometimes. Hope it happens for you and good luck with the study.