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Any mothers groups near Belair?

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  • Any mothers groups near Belair?

    Hi there

    Anyone live in the Belair / Blackwood / Hawthorndene / Coro Valley area?
    Or near Lynton / Mitcham?

    We are moving to Belair in Jan 2016 and I am due Feb 2016 - 1st child ... just wondering if there are any mothers & babies groups around these areas.


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    Any mothers groups near Belair?

    Hello I'm next to belair.
    I've never gone a play group, but there is one at the belair primary school as well as blackwood primary school as well as several others in the area.
    I have a 20 mth old girl and have been going to the babytime program at the blackwood library all year. We are moving on to the story/craft days next year.
    I regularly hang at the playground behind Coles too. Might see you around in the new year. !

    Also once you have your bub, they will hook you up with a local mothers group to turn up to. I think it's 3 planned meetings, then you decide whether to continue the group by yourselves
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      OK, great that was helpful.



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        Hi Clare I'm in Craigburn Farm and had my first in March, how are you going?


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          Hey mummas hope you're doing well with your bubs you might be interested in gymbaroo which is held Monday-Wednesday at mitcham just off old belair road so not too far from your area. I've been going for 2 terms with my 10 month old DD and she loves it, expensive ($21 for 1hr class) but lots of fun! They do a free trial class too.
          Also join the Adelaide hubbers thread if you haven't already!


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            Hi della della,

            Im going well, how are you getting on?
            I found a mother's group locally. Are you part of one?


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              Hi there, I've already signed up to gymbaroo!

              Going next week for the first time. Looking forward to it.


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                Hi again Clare, no I haven't found a mums group as was told I'd have to join one at Edwardstown down on South Road, is there one in Blackwood? I am going to a Kanga Training class next week but haven't found Gymbaroo, where's that one? Ta


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                  Oh just saw Gymbaroo details in previous message