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  • Devout Dads alert

    Hi Dads,

    My name is Pete I am 33 and have two year old daughter Lenna and live in Adelaide's south. My missus Lydia works on the weekends so i have to look after the little darling most of the that time. If there are any other dads/people in a similar predicament that wanna catch up for coffee and a chat around Adelaide metro while the little ones play, that'd be grand...

    Anyway I am a normal sort of bloke, into footy, cricket, music, film

    C ya

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    Hello & welcome to BubHub. I'm a Mum and not in Adelaide. Have you posted this in the Dad's Chat thread as well?

    Good luck with starting your Adelaide Dad's playgroup.


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      And motor racing talk too! hehe... or that may just be me!

      Welcome Pete!


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        Hi mischief79 and specksmum,

        Thanks for that ladies... By the way Motor racing is great :-)



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          Originally posted by PeteD View Post
          By the way Motor racing is great :-)

          The phrase "Hell yeah!!!" comes to mind


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            Welcome Pete, I'm Lea mother of 2 and one on the way. I am from down south too.
            Yes feel welcome to come along to any parent meet ups we do.
            We sometimes do them on weekends too so sometimes both parents come or just one.

            I don't mind footy, I enjoy watching and playing cricket. My DH and my bestfriends DH are really in to car racing normally watch Clipsal at a friends place and BBQ dinner after is normally a great day and night.


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              Feel free to chat on the Adelaide mums and bubs Chat thread. Most meet up ideas are on there.


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                hey there
                dont know if people still look at this or if there is a better thread now.
                im a dad of 2 aswell and would love to talk to other dads about their experiences and everything