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Just moved to Townsville and looking for friends!!

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  • Just moved to Townsville and looking for friends!!


    Hubby and I relocated to Townsville late September.

    We've settled in, we've got some jobs and now we need some friends!

    We have two boys (aged 7 and 5) and have a baby on the way (due August 2016).

    I'm looking for people I can have coffee dates with (sorry wine nights are out for now ), crack some bread and just have a laid back, good old time with.

    No pressure, no fuss!

    Would absolutely love some families we can bond with (and get hubby some new friends too), however happy to start small!

    I can be pretty shy sometimes though so don't worry about me being too needy straight away

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    Welcome to Townsville. How are you finding the weather? Where did you relocate from. I've 2 girls 2 and 1. Training as a doula so have lots of free time


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      I'm located in Bushland Beach.

      I thought I was coping well with the weather (we didn't turn our aircon on until December) but I've noticed since I found out I was pregnant, the weather has actually been getting to me a lot more.

      Who are you training to be a doula through?


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        Well done with no aircon. Its disgusting already this year 😱

        I train through childbirth international. It's online with theory and then attending 2 births (I've done 1)