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I'm looking for a daycare... Any suggestions??

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  • I'm looking for a daycare... Any suggestions??

    I've just moved up here to TSV and am looking for a good day care as i have just found out because my DS was born 2nd July (2 days AFTER the cut off!!) he will have to wait until next year for Kindy... which is a little frustrating

    Does anyone have and suggestions or reccomendations for a good daycare i can send him to?

    Thanks Guys

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    your help will be muchly appreciated!!!!!


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      C & K rosalie if you can get in. Any C & K for that matter


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        I've heard really good things about Village Kids Cranbrook, Unique Unicorns in Kirwan/Condon and the two daycares on the university campus.


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          I have my 15 month boy in unicare at the uni and he adores it and my 4yo in preprep at townsville grammar. The benefit of a preprep at the school they will be going to is they will know the kids they will be in prep with next year.


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            Hi Miss Jay,

            Not too sure if you are still looking for a day care but Miniversity on Rossriver road is excellent. My daughter was there from the day they opened in 2010 and has just finished up as it's prep time. There is usually a long wait list but definitely worth a try.