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Who is from Far North Queensland?

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  • Who is from Far North Queensland?

    Hi, I am a Mum of 3 kids, 5 yo, 3 yo and 8 month.
    Ilive 90 Km from Cairns. There is somebody from this area?

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    Re: Who is from Far North Queensland

    Hi my name is Sonja I live in Townsville I'm almost 11 weeks preg with my very 1st child. I saw your post and thought I would answer.


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      Also From Townsville

      Hi. I'm also from Townsville. Not pregnant yet, just desperately trying to be Is it just me or is there are serious lack of information and options in this town?


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        undefinedundefinedundefinedhi i am in ayr just south of townsville


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          I am from Townsville but do not live there anymore. I have almost 3 children as am due with our 3rd this month!

          I really miss the people in Townsville but not the weather!!


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            Hi to all of the Nth Qld people. I live in Townsville and am 28 weeks pregnant with our first child. Due 23rd July 05 and am very excited. We moved here in Dec 03 and I think I have adjusted to the heat but mind you we did plan a winter baby for a reason. Anyway just thought I would say hi.



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              i dont live in far north qld anymore, but just wanted to say hi.
              i used to live in weipa which is pretty far away from cairns but i understand how you are heat wise! we used to drive down to cairns on the long weekends to go shopping! back to civilisation!

              mum to be in sept


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                From Mackay

                Hi i moved to Makcay in January now have twins on the way due in early jan . Is there any other mums-to-be in Mackay


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                  I am in Gladstone in Central Queensland


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                    Hi, I am a mother to be for the first time and I live at Mareeba - about 70 kilometres north west of Cairns.

                    I am due in September and have to give birth in Cairns - due to my High Risk Pregnancy Status. We are looking forward to the birth of our son.

                    Are you close? Only have access to internet once a week when I go into Mareeba due to telstra difficulties at my home.


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                      Message to MEL1973

                      Hi Mel1973, I live in Mackay and I am the mother to 3 month old twin boys. I have recently started going to a multiple birth group in Mackay. If you want any info or advice my email is I had the works and jerks with my pregnancy and birth. I had bleeding at 13 weeks, then I went into labour and my boys arrived 7 weeks early. They had to go on bubble cpap because they stopped breathing a few times but now they are doing ok.


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                        Originally posted by mel1973
                        Hi i moved to Makcay in January now have twins on the way due in early jan . Is there any other mums-to-be in Mackay
                        hi im not in mackay itself but i will be around their a fair bit from november onwards because thats where the father of my unborn child lives


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                          Hi I actually live in Proserpine in the middle of all of you. I do go to Mackay every so often because Prossy has nothing to do. My DD was born in Mackay in Sept 04 due to lack of experienced doctors here. I have lived here for 1 year but am a bit shy and would love to meet some people. I also have a 5 1/2 year old boy and an almost 4 year old boy.


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                            im living in townsville so if anyone wants to chat or meet up for a coffee let me know my email address is


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                              Hi Im from the Atherton Tablelands, Im new here. I have 4 children and Im a stay at home mum!!!!