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Having babies on the Gold Coast......

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  • Having babies on the Gold Coast......

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted some advice for a friend of mine here who is pregnant with her first baby....I had mine in NZ so I dont know the system here!

    Do you choose a midwife or just go to your doctor, have heard you turn up to have your baby at the hospital and who ever is on delivers the baby.

    Any advice would be great thanks...

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    It depends whether she has private health cover

    If she doesnt then she could choose to have shared care with her GP and a midwife or just a doctor at the hosp and a midwife. Middies deliver babies and you may have different middies each appoinment and your not guaranteed you will know the one you get.

    Where in Gold Coast is she? Remind her the she has the option of going to Tweed Hospital. I went there they are soo great.


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      I went to the Gold Coast Hospital Birth Centre where you have the same midwife for each appointment, they even come to your house for you monthly check ups. Your middie then comes to your house after bubs is born everyday for the first week and then once a week for six weeks It was great

      You also have the same midwife for the birth given that your midwife is available. Obviously it can't be 100% guaranteed as she may be attending another birth or just come off a long shift.

      Before I got into the birth centre (I was on a waiting list...yes it gets full pretty fast) I was doing shared care with my gp. I went to one hospital appointment at about 17 weeks to book in and I was there for 3 hours!!

      Shared care with your gp is the way to go. (GC hospital is very busy with lots of waiting time) You see your gp for all monthly visits, and only have to go to the hospital at 15-20 weeks for a book in visit and then again at 36weeks and maybe fortnightly/weekly after that.

      That was my experience anyway, hope that helps.


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        Hi bryleeandzachsmum

        the system here is totally different to NZ, I had my first two there,

        here you either go public or private

        public you have the choice of shared care with your GP and the hosp, or you can try and get into the birth centre

        the birth centre here is basically just like having your independant m/w like in NZ, its a very nice set up

        if she chooses to go private, she can choose what ever hosp she wants to go to and what OB she wants

        if she goes public and not in the birth center you see any random person that is on that day (takes a bit of getting used to lol) and then for the delivery its the same


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          Ah see I knew Jo would be along to explain it all nice clearly. Seeing as she knows both systems and what is obviously different or the same as NZ.

          Good on you Giz


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            glad people can understand that lol

            umm forgot to add before, just get her to see her GP and he/she will explain everything to her, and she can make her decisions from there

            oh and if she wants to get into the birth center, get her to ring up now, cause as Mel said it gets full really fast, and basicially first in first serve


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              Thanks heaps for all info I will pass on to my friend....

              Will tell her to ring the birth centre and see if she can get in as it sounds quite good.

              Other than that she will probably go with her GP at the mo.