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Moving from Melbourne to Brisbane

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  • Moving from Melbourne to Brisbane

    Hi just wondering if anyone could help me I'm looking at moving from Melbourne to Brisbane next year not to familiar with suburbs so wondering if anyone could recommend what are some great suburbs in Brisbane for families. So far North lakes looks pretty nice.

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    HI, we moved from Sydney to North Lakes about 5 yrs ago, its a great place for families however very over populated. We were only there for about 2 yrs then moved to Narangba which is about 10 mins away from North Lakes.

    North Lakes has everything you need very close.

    Good luck with the move.


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      I live a couple of mins from North Lakes. It's its own little hub really - has a Westfield shopping centre with Myer/Big W/Coles/Woolies etc, Masters is nearby, there's doctors, dentist, and a day hospital, and fast food etc. There's a couple of schools (primary/high school) and about 4 day care centres too. It's about 30kms to the city, which in traffic is about 1.5 hrs, but otherwise takes about 40 mins during the day. The Sunny coast is about 40 mins north, so it's perfect in the middle.

      The thing I HATE about North Lakes is the access, and the amount of roundabouts!!! I've got heaps of friends in north lakes, and getting from the entry to the back side of it there's seriously 7 or 8 roundabouts. Drives me mad, and I dont even live there.

      Other than that, it's a nice area. Maybe consider renting for a few months til you get the idea of the area first.


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        Thanx ladies yeah we were thinking of renting first also so that we can find the right house that we are after. We are really looking forward to the move


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          Where do you live in Melbourne? Are you looking for something similar in Brisbane with amenities and prices and proximity to city. I can help with that.

          Brisbane is a wonderful place to raise children.. much cheaper living costs and wonderful weather.


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            We live in Pakenham in an estate. We just want something thats more suited for families thats why North lakes seemed really nice but if you can suggest any other areas to look at let me know thank you


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              I live just the other side of the high way of north lakes at murrumba downs and LOVE IT! Everything is right there and its just a lovely area. Very family friendly.