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  • All alone

    Looks like I am all alone in here

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    Hi Melbell

    You looked so lonely so I thought I'd say g'day.

    We lived in Alice Springs from begining 1998 - end 2000 (2.5 years) when my son was first born. After that we lived in Brisbane for another 2.5 years, then Dubbo for 9 months, Albury for 10 months and now we live in Emerald Beach, which is just north of Coffs Harbour.

    I'd love to hear your story.


    Mum to
    Kai - 16.11.97 &
    Josh - 11.08.04


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      I Used To Live At Emerald Lights St.its So Beautiful Up There.i Then Moved To Sandy Beach Where I Bought A House Now Im In Boys Dad Lives In Coffs And We Miss The Place.i Always Imagined My Kids Would Grow Up There But Divorce Im Back With My Family.but I Do Visit Up That Way When I Can.isnt Woolgoolga(woopi) You Like It There?


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        I'm on Ocean View Crescent, overlooking the beach. It's beautiful.

        I do get lonely though. I don't know anyone and we only have one car that DH takes for work (in Grafton) each day. It's not like I can just walk into town or anything!!

        However, I'm going to take the bull by its horns and I have today looked into bus routes. Once I'm brave enough (Visions of lugging bub and pram on and off a bus... scary!!), I'm going to start venturing out that way.


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          have you been to the mothers group at moonee?its at the hall near the caravan was only $2 and was on twice a week.i think tues and thurs.i used to take my boys was really well run and not clicky like some groups.i lived in grafton for 5 years b4 i moved to emerald,it sucked.i found it a really clicky place.the buses arent real regular at emerald.and it takes forever to get into old is your bub?any other kids?


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            hi mel,i didnt mean to use your post for idle chit chat.u may be alone up there but if you ever want to chat i love gossip.see you around the forum


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              Nay thats ok.
              I seem to be still alone in Alice though. ANyone else from here?


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                Sorry no, but I just wanted to say Hi!!


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                  Thanks and Hi back at you!