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Thinking of moving to Uluru(Ayres Rock)

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  • Thinking of moving to Uluru(Ayres Rock)

    DH's been offered a job in a resort near Uluru and where thinking of moving up there. I'm originally from Sydney and I dont really know if I'd like living in the outback? The place sounds nice and the job comes with a nice income, gd benefits etc which we really need.
    Any one have any advice, personal experiences etc, any info much appreciated

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    Change is as good as a holiday is my motto! DH is in the RAAF so I am used to moving around a lot!!!

    Can't help from a personal experience but have heard it is beautiful in that part of the country!


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      Thanks Ryansmummy, I know your right but its just a little scary living all our family friends, my job, all our furniture Especially when I've lived in the same area since I was two. But while bub is still little I guess we have nothing to lose. We havent decided yet either way but DH is very keen


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        I haven't lived at Uluru but spent some time there for work a few years ago, and lived in Darwin for about 5 years. A few things to think about - positive and negative. It is a long way from anywhere - a couple of hours drive from Alice Springs which in itself isn't a big town. Most of the town of Uluru is about tourists - luxury big dollar tourists and backpackers drinking a lot of beer. The number of people who live there on any sort of permanent basis is very small. There is one supermarket, which isn't too badly stocked, but quite expensive. As well as the tourism employees there are also the rangers employed at the National Park, the police, and the traditional owners at Mutujulu. So it is not a big community. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as small communities in my experience tend to be more welcoming of new people in ways that big communities aren't. The downside is that if you don't get on the with the other mothers at playgroup you are pretty much out of luck as there won't be another play group to chose from.

        Being away from family means relying on friends if you want any babysitting done, and it might take some time before you are ready to do that, so you need to be mentally prepared to not have those breaks (if you in fact have them now!!). However one of the nice things about living in a tourist town is that most of the staff, because of the nature of the business, will be pretty people friendly!

        So - if you decide to go, some tips - be prepared to drive a long way to do something different. Take at least two good eskies with you so that you can pick up groceries in bulk in Alice and bring them home with you. Make sure you have a good car that will cope with distance driving - cruise control is a bonus! Think about ways that you will cope without easy to access shops - in other words get into internet ordering! The winters there are cold in a way you don't expect the desert to be, and the summers are hot and dry (understatement there!)

        All in all though - it will be a great adventure if you decide to go, and while your little one is small and portable, why not test your boundaries and do something outside your comfort zone??

        Good luck with the decision making (and please excuse the flood of words without a lot of structure - I am typing in between chasing two children!)


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          I hear you Theresa, its such a huge decision to make coz like you said if we dont fit in its going to make life really difficult. There are pros and cons but I'm the type of person who wants to know every single detail before making a decision!
          Not like a friend of mine who just hoped on a plane and headed off to W.A. on a whim.....luckily it worked out all right for her
          Its alot harder when you have a bub to think of and a future to plan-thanks for the tips and I'll keep u posted