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  • Jabiru

    Does anyone live in Jabiru or has anyone been through there?

    DP is seriously considering taking a job at the mine near Jabiru.

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    I've been to jabiru many a time but not in the last 8 years.

    Would your hubby be flying in and out or do you mean what's it like for families?


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      No we would be living there.


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        Jabiru is situated in the middle of the Kakadu National Park approximately 250 kilometres southeast of Darwin.
        Jabiru has a population of approximately 1100 people with the rest of Kakadu having approximately 400 residents.
        The traditional owners of the Jabiru area are the Mirarr Aboriginals and Jabiru itself is a gateway to Arnhem Land. Jabiru
        Jabiru was initially settled to service the Ranger uranium mines but has since become a small town, which caters to tourists visiting the amazing sights of the Kakadu National Park.
        I believe there is only one public school which does from preschool to year 12
        They have a town swimming Pool, cinema
        Jabiru Town plaza
        It’s very hot average temp most of the year is 33 and in nov-feb can get to 35-37. You have the wet and dry sseasons. It will rain almost every day in the wet so for 6 months.
        There is a golf club and sport and social club which you can also eat at.
        As for stuff for the kids to do I am unsure back 10 years ago I had 2 friends that lived in Jabiru and there was nothing much for them to do apart from Swim at the local pool or just hang out.
        Hopefully someone that has lived there recently will be able to give you a better insight.