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    What can you tell me about Tweed Heads? I'm looking to move soon and am considering the Tweed Heads area although i don't really know alot about it..
    Just wondering what are the good/bad areas?
    Are there any decent schools or ones to avoid?
    What kid friendly things are there to do in the area?
    Anything else you think might be helpful?

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    I used to live there .
    I wouldnt live in west tweed it has a kind of bad rep .
    Not sure on schools as ds was 9 months old when i moved away .
    Ds was born at tweed hosp i meet a great group of mums at the 0-6 month mums group at the back of the hosp ! ( almost 4 years later still friends !)
    Umm not sure what else to say about it !
    I liked that i was close to gc but not ON the gc itself !


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      I live in Tweed heads South
      We love it here. We are close to the river and go fishing all the time. Walking distance to the shops and only a few minutes drive from Coolangatta beach.
      My DS goes to Terranora primary, he loves it up there and catches the bus so we don't have to drive up everyday. There are lots of schools in the area, and you will hear both good and bad about all of them, I guess you would need to look around and see how you feel about them.
      All in all we love it, there is even a bit of street cricket on a Sunday afternoon with the neighbours


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        Thanks for the replies.

        What about things like employment? Would it be difficult to get a job (just entry level/unskilled stuff)?

        Is there much in the way of childcare centres? Are waiting lists long?


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          I'm not really sure about employment. Most of the people I know are employed so I guess there are jobs around? lol
          There are LOTS of childcare centres and I think it's pretty easy to get a spot, I've never had any problems getting my children in.
          Hope that helps