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Want extra sections for your local area?

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  • Want extra sections for your local area?

    Would you like to see extra sections in here - for your particular suburb, town or region?

    If you'd like a specific section for...for example...Manly or Dubbo, or wherever you live, just make a post in here and 'report' it to the mods using the report button (red triangle with an exclamation mark in it - top right of each post) and we'll add a new section for you

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    Originally posted by mummy89
    i think it would be a good idea that u can do a search for people with the same postcode as u.

    not a lot of people search in their area section so if u could type in say 4036 in the search box it could come up with a list of people who also have that as their post code on their profile or whatever.
    Your wish is my command .. (actually it is already a feature, but I can pretend I granted it for you ).

    If you click on Friends Finder, then Members List, click on Search and Advanced Search .... and you'll see you can search by alot of different areas, postcode is one.

    Unfortunately it wont pick up the members who don't put in their actual postcode (ie. for privacy reasons etc) ... but it will still give you a starting point.