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"Might" be new to Sydney and looking for suitable suburb recommendations!!..please?

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  • "Might" be new to Sydney and looking for suitable suburb recommendations!!..please?

    Well just got a phone call from DP, he has been on the phone to his general manager (or 'big boss') ...who suggested we start doing some research into Sydney and what areas we would think about setting up in, because if anything comes up over that way in 2009 he will be ringing DP.
    He suggested west sydney as it is probably the closest we have to 'home' a bit more country like he said.

    So I am doing exactly that -Research- asking all you mums out there what suburb you think would be great for a single income family with thre kids aged 3.5 and under with two dogs

    DP's parents live in Wallalong, we thought about living in maitland and around there, but that would mean DP would have to travel Loooong hours - don't really want that (used to him only taking 7minutes to get to work!).
    I will consider going back to work part time ...but don't really want to.

    We own our house here, and could sell it or rent it.
    what are the prices like there!? (just about to hop on Home hound in a tick.)

    (sorry i've just babbled on...but it's come as a bit of a shock and i'm rolling playdoh and drawing with textas (on the paper not on the floor thanksDD!!) at the same time!!)

    So if you can help...even recommending suburbs outside of this region if you'd think they'd be better would be very much appreciated!!

    Cheers!! nic x

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    DP has just brought home a list of where all the branches are located and I suppose I'll look at the suburbs surrounding them.
    Had a look on home hound and fell in love with the homes in the blue mountains...probably way too far out though hey, especially for DP to get to work and kids to go to school??

    any way...

    hope I can get some heads up on maybe some suburbs to avoid ??!!

    thanks nic


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      What about Camden/Picton area? It's still fairly rural.

      Does it have to be west? There are some nice semi rural places up North like Dural...more $$ though.

      Do you want it to be rural-ish? would you consider the suburbs? city? etc

      What is your price bracket for property? Do you want 3/4 bedrooms? What do you require exactly?

      Sorry, thinking aloud here!

      eta: yes, where were some of the sburubs on the list mr boss gave you?
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        Hi there,

        Can you give us some ideas where these locations are?? West Sydney has quite a wide range. But Blue Mountains is probably a bit too far west!!

        I'm from Liverpool, in South West Sydney, I'm happy to recommend some nearby areas for you.


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          Originally posted by Forkie View Post
          What about Camden/Picton area? It's still fairly rural.
          ooo...thats where i am.

          yeah i love it here so there is my vote

          also guess i could come to admit Richmond is quite nice aswell


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            I have a friend who lives in Windsor Downs (next to Richie) she loves it there. My Camden friend loves it except for public transport in peak hour!


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              thanks ladies

              We would love at least 3 br, 4 would be a bonus!
              Enough room for three crazy kids and two border collies, atm we live in a small miners cottage on a 500ish (i think) sq it doesn't have to be 'ruralish'...just not on a main road, with loads of traffic.

              The big boss has mentioned richmond as a branch, but nothing concrete, so it could be any where.

              I was thinking we might have to rent first to get a feel for an area, and wait for our house here to sell, then buy...and we are middle to low income, so $300K - $350ish ,000 would probably be our limit. (unless we win lotto)...not a huge amount I know, but we like to live within our means, with me not working atm.
              Am always willing to buy and renovate.

              I'd like to be close to schools and a shopping centre so we don't have to drive for ages in the car - It takes 15 minutes to drive from one side of our home town to the other!!
              But in saying that I lived in Adelaide for 5 years and used to travel for over an hour to work, and got used to that pretty easy.

              Is there any areas that would be considered dangerous, or not child friendly?


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                hmm dodgy suburbs lol. Well I don't want to offend people as I don't have like a list of the worst suburbs or anything concrete BUT suburbs in sydneys south-west (like Lakemba, Greenacre etc) have a pretty bad reputation for violence and stuff. However as far out as you're (lol sorry it's not *that* far I know but I'm a northy) looking in my understanding tends to be people living their for lifestyle choice rather than socio-economic limitations and are pretty safe and good places to raise families from what I've heard of people there.

                I'll see if I can find a proper list tomorrow


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                  Heres the list of where the branches when it is not minutes to midnight - i'll look on a map and see what is surrounding them...

                  Castle Hill
                  Dee Why
                  Kent st Sydney
                  Mt Druitt
                  St Marys

                  If I have mis spelled any - I blame DP's handwriting!!


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                    Originally posted by FiveInTheBed View Post
                    Heres the list of where the branches when it is not minutes to midnight - i'll look on a map and see what is surrounding them...

                    Bankstown: Nope, I personally wouldn't move there!
                    Blacktown: Ditto
                    Burwood: Inner-west (but outer innerwest). mix of suburbs/small houses, very urban
                    Camden: semi-rural, nice, big blocks of land
                    Campbelltown: don't really know but I think it's quite similar to Camden
                    Castle Hill: Suburbs, quite leafy and green but hellish for transport seriously
                    Corrimal: where!?
                    Dee Why: Don't know much about that area
                    Hurstville: Ditto
                    Kent st Sydney: Where I used to work obviously, dead in the middle of the city.
                    Liverpool: I wouldn't move here if you paid me.
                    Mt Druitt: gives the sticks a new name IMO, from me
                    Newtown: Inner west, close to city, small terracey homes etc
                    Narellan: no idea
                    Parramatta: very suburban, very well serviced, pretty safe I think but I'm pretty meh about Parra
                    Penrith: Don't know much but apparently has some lovely areas and big land
                    Richmond: ditto
                    Smithfield: always hear of it, no idea where it is!
                    St Marys: Ditto Penrith but I think the Riff is safer. St Mary's closer to city (very marginally!)

                    If I have mis spelled any - I blame DP's handwriting!!
                    ive added my opinions next to suburb HTH


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                      Thanks...I'll print it out and keep it in mind whilst looking at houses.

                      Now I gotta get to bed...why does "ME TIME", go sooo much quicker than the rest of the day!!??


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                        Ok I have a few different views to forkie

                        Bankstown - Very multicultural ( I grew up near here ) doesnt always get a good rep but isnt too bad. Good public transport. Housing can be quite pricey as its still fairly close to the city but there are bargains to be found at times in surrounding suburbs. Belfield is still fairly close by & tends to be really nice but has no public transport bar a few buses in certain places.

                        Blacktown - Not a place im keen on but many dont mind it. Public transport can be a bit dodgey & is a hssle to get to city by car. Housing tends to be more afforable in these areas which is why a lot of young families are out that way.

                        Burwood - Its a nicer inner west area which still has many really grand old homes but tends to be pricey due to this as are surrounding areas ! Good public transport & pretty close to the city.

                        Camden - Gorgeous area but tends to be a bit harder transport wise with limited public transport & peak hour being a bit of a nightmare on the M5 as is getting to the city by car. Prices vary from afforable to pricey due to some of the gorgeous old houses & properties.

                        Campbelltown - Can be a bit iffy but isnt as bad as many can make out there are some really nice new homes being built in areas & new housing estates. Tis near Camden also ! Tends to be more afforable but there are the pricier suburbs. Transport is pretty good in most areas but tis mainly bus services to surrounding suburbs. We live in between here & Liverpool !

                        Castle Hill - Nice area with some lovely homes but is another thats harder transport wise as there really isnt much public transport & come peak hour it can be a nightmare via car. Prices are a little more expensive but there are cheaper areas.

                        Corrimal - This is down in Wollongong & tends to be an ok area but I actually havent been there in the last few years so im not 100% sure ! Fairly afforadable from memory especially nowadays ! But there are some great suburbs down that way & close to beaches !!!!! Not really close to the city so has a laid back attitude which is nice !

                        Dee Why - North Shore suburb so tends to be very expensive & travel is a nightmare but it is nice ! Again same with surrounding suburbs.

                        Hurstville - Its ok not really somewhere I would choose to live rather expensive but we did live not too far from here a few years ago in an area we adored called Oatley but its very expensive. Most suburbs have good public transport & the city isnt too far but can be a hassle by car.

                        Kent st Sydney - The city LOL ! Expensive & unless you like that sorta life then it would be very full on !

                        Liverpool - This is near me & I wouldnt really be keen on it but some surrounding areas like mine are pretty decent & affordable ! Transport is good but tis a a bit of a hassle to get into the city from here by car !

                        Mt Druitt - Really has a bad name sadly ! Isnt a place I would choose at all because of this & also because we rely on public transport which is a nightmare out this way !

                        Newtown - Just a stones throw from the city so rather expensive but has a great vibe as it tends to be really modern & funky. Great place to meet with friends & eat but tends to be out of the reach of most financially ! Great services all round !

                        Narellan - Basically near Camden & Campbelltown ! So see what I wrote there heh !

                        Parramatta - Isnt too bad a place but can be iffy at nite ( but then where isnt nowadays lol ! ) fairly affordable as are surrounding areas & tends to have fairly good services but is a hassle again using a car to the city.

                        Penrith - Rather nice & has some great areas with lovely homes. I have family out there who love it & have no issues at all but it is limited with transport & is way out of the city which is why many love it. Very affordable as are surrounding areas.

                        Richmond - Same as Penrith really but tends to have more properties/ farmland ( that I have found ! ). Again very affordable but there are some larger properties like anywhere that are expensive !

                        Smithfield - Not a place for me but again tends to be somewhat affordable. Has ok transport but city via car again isnt that much fun !

                        St Marys - Same as the above lol !

                        Hope that helps ....

                        Will be great if you do come to Syd as you will have all of us harassing you


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                          i live in a suburb of Bankstown. bankstown doesnt have a good rep but there are worse places in sydney you could be living in to be personally i wouldnt live in blacktown or mount druitt and certain parts of penrith...everyone has got an opinion about which is the worse parts of sydney are...but i also think there are good and bad in each area too. i live in yagoona which is about a 3-5 minute drive from bankstown itself and i like where i live, but i wouldnt live in punchbowl. i have good neighbours and we dont really have any trouble in our street and surrounding streets beside the odd hoon every now and then (same as any street in sydney really). there is good shopping, easy access to public transport and everything is really central.


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                            I live in the Western Suburbs so Ill give you my opinion. I live in Erskin Park, which is the suburb next to St Marys. I personally LOVE it where I live. Now there are suburbs of Western Sydney that I wouldnt bring up my children in and that includes Mt Druitt. My DP works there though and he grew up there and there is nothing wrong with him, so I guess any place has its better parts.

                            Penrith- I shop at Penrith and there are some really nice surrounding suburbs and new developments.

                            I have also lived near burwood and it just become to expensive or us, we rented a two bedroom unit for over $500 a week and we now live in a brand new 4 bedroom house for ALOT less than that.

                            If you get serious and you are moving to Sydney PM me with some suburbs your lookin at and Ill give you a yay or nay and what parts of the suburb are better.


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                              thanks for the replies...will come back and read after lunch and trip to park!

                              I just wanted to add...If you feel posting your true feelings about a suburb might offend other members, please PM me, I won't comment on here.

                              thanks again, it is helping to put things in perspective.