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Any one for a meet up?

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  • Any one for a meet up?

    Hi everyone, I live in Casino and go to Lismore about once a week.

    So i would love to meet up with other mums to have a chat and a coffee anyone else?

    I have a 8 month old and a 3 year old. both boys.

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    Hi hun, how are ya going?

    Do you remember me from *******?

    Well we're actually moving to our own house in casino on sunday would love to catchup for coffee sometime.

    PM me with what days you have free



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      Skye, are you going to the Playgroup meet up tomorrow is Lismore? I am. When you get back to me i will PM you my mobile number so we can meet.


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        I just bought a bus in casino.. we are renovating it into a motor home. i was just there last weekend for a looksy...

        what a small town

        anyways... i have to go back and if anyone would like to meet up i would love to. it was so boring last time waiting for hubby to play with the motor with the 3 kids.

        I think we will be going back in the near future to bring it back to brisbane.

        also if anyone knows where to buy a rabbit kitten could you let me know?


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          casino here have a little girl i'm surprised i've never seen casino mentioned so much lol most people go..where?