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Kyogle & Geneva?

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  • Kyogle & Geneva?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can tell me their opinions of these areas? Is Kyogle a big/small country town and what is employment like? Is Geneva rural? What is the comute to Lismore? Is that the closest city? Any info would be handy.

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    I have no idea sorry, I just had to stop because for a second I thought you were talking about baby names!!! Kyogle!


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      That would be a name that would certainly turn a few heads!!!


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        Kyogle is tiny, only a few streets make up the town. Although they do have a hospital which is a plus. Mostly because everyone who lives there is old and retired.

        I don't think you'll find much work in Kyogle at all.
        However Lismore is not that far away, I can't remember how long the drive is I think it's about 30 mins.

        Lismore would be the closest city to Kyogle.
        You would need to do everything in Lismore. They don't even have a grocery store, just a little corner shop/milk bar/fish and chip shop/pub.

        I hadn't even heard of Geneva till you posted it in here, so can't give you any help there.

        Are you thinking of moving to the area?


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          Geneva is kinda like a suburb of Kyogle. And there is a grocery store in Kyogle, it's a small town but by no means tiny.

          A nice place to raise kids.


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            Geneva is fantastic

            I actually live in Geneva, and wouldnt care to live anywhere else in the world.
            Kyogle is a medium sized country town,by no means tiny at all, there is a hospital, an aged care facility,a public primary school , a private primary school, a public high school, two hotels, a golf club, a bowling club, supa IGA which is in the progress of moving and building a larger premises, several small specialty shops, beta electrical, good homemakers , retravision,take away shops, servo's etc so its not tiny.
            Geneva you would say is kind of a suburb of kyogle it is about 1 and a half k's from the town center. Kyogle / Geneva is really the most gorgeous little country town the people are friendly and welcoming.
            Lismore is around the 40 to 45mins drive and casino is only 25 30 mins away, casino is not a "city" but is bigger than Kyogle and has things such as maccas, kfc etc.
            Are you considering moving to Geneva? Any questions you have I am more then willing to try and answer.
            I look forward to hearing from you


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              Ok I'm from Ballina and only going on what I had seen of Kyogle so maybe I didn't see the whole town. Sorry about that :0)


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                Thanks for the replies. I was beginning to think Geneva didn't exist at all!! LOL! I would love to move to the area. I live on the Gold Coast and am so sick and tired of the mayhem!!! I have a "speedway" out side my front door that has hoons racing down at all hours of the day and night (just the other night around 10.30 a car full of teenagers lost control coming off the roundabout and ended up spinning up our driveway, knocking the wheelie bin halfway up the driveway and came to a stop facing the wrong way!!! Luckily nobody was hurt), they are putting the water pipeline from brisbane to the GC in and have set up base camp literally across the road. We have drug-dealers who live a few doors up and people park in front of our house to go and score! I'm just frustrated by the whole thing and when I try to explain to my husband that I want a better environment to bring our boys up in he just scoffs. It's not a horrible place really, I just want better. I saw a house for sale in Geneva and fell in love!!! But all our family is here and my husband is super-close to his and can't bear to move away from them so in reality it will probably never happen. We would move to the GC Hinterland if it wasn't so dang expensive. I know I'm lucky though to have a nice house and I am soooo grateful, I just can't help but want better for our kids and we just seem to have different opinions on what "better" is.


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                  Wow- wasn't expecting to see Geneva and Kyogle in here.

                  I think you will probably love the area, I know I do, but it will deffinatley be a MASSIVE change from what you are used too.

                  If you are doing the speed limit than it takes around 40 mins from Kyogle to Lismore, but about 30 mins to Casino. The road to Casino is in MUCH better condition than the one to Lismore.

                  Work in Kyogle is not too easy to find... it is a wonderful old rural community- so lots of the same famillies that have been around for years. You may find it easier to get emplotyment in Casino or Lismore.

                  So beautiful here though.... and still so close to Brisbane and all. A great place to raise kids too. I'm sad to be leaving Lismore myself, but since our plan of kids has been thwarted we've decided to move our lives in a different direction.

                  P.S.. Wanna buy my house


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                    Have you thought about the Murwillumbah area? It is not far from the Gold Coast at all, but more rural and quiet and I find it very similar to Kyogle but a bit bigger.
                    I am further down near Nimbin myself and I wouldnt be anywhere else.


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                      i live in alstonville its a lil closer to civilization on one side is ballina and the other lismore but its still rural unuff for my two pups to run there buts off. ever herd of it its small but convenient


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                        My MIL lives in Alstonville, and I have friends who live there. Its a nice little town.