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  • Tell me about Lismore

    Hi girls

    I need your help - I've posted this in a few places......

    Bascially we're moving to Lismore in couple months to be closer to in laws - yey for me .... actually shes not that bad! + for my own health reasons.

    BUT I dont know anything about the place, and from what i gather from driving past it 3 times its a small place.

    What are the childcare centres like/many of them/prices?
    Rental prices ave. ish? Any local realestate websites?
    Much work in the region - DH works in transport - im in childcare?
    The local newspaper name?
    Whats the weather like for this part of the year - is summer stinking hot?
    Things for kids to do - for 2 littlies and young mumma

    Any info from and around would be so helpful - can include grafton, ballina, casino, tweed and anywhere else relevant.

    Many thanks in advance

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    This is a bit strange, but I love lismore (even though I'm moving back to brisbane soon)

    Yes it is a small place, but we also get rain so it's a beautiful green place... they don't call it the rainbow region for nothing. Lismore can flood, and so does alot of the small creeks around it and the larger rivers. Lismore now has a flood levy though, so the water hasn't come into the town for quite some time. For that same reason DON'T look at property in NorthLismore unless you own a boat and plan to use it.

    What are the childcare centres like/many of them/prices? Not really sure as I haven't any kids, but you have Blinkys corner, Car-ring child centre and a few more. Best bet is to look up whitepages/yellow pages online and call them.

    Rental prices ave. ish? You're looking at about $300 a week for anything decentish- but take my advice and at least LOOK at townhouses/units before ruling them out. There are a fair few that are better than 'houses'.
    I'll have a look at the different estate agents downtown on monday and give you thier names and contact details. Rentals are quick to be snapped up so it serves to be on the estate agents lists so that you can be called before the home gets listed.

    Much work in the region - DH works in transport - im in childcare? Depends on who you ask.... There is a fair bit, but depends on how lucky you are as to when it's available and what hours it will be.

    The local newspaper name? The northern Star (an APN paper), but the freebie in lismore is the Echo

    Whats the weather like for this part of the year - is summer stinking hot?
    Summer can be really hot, but we're not too far from byron or ballina. At the moment it has been cold. Days around 16-20 but the nights and mornings around 5-10. Doesn't really get any colder than that though.

    SHOPPING - Ummmmmm- No. LOL

    Things for kids to do - for 2 littlies and young mumma. Alot of paths/parks/ bushland. Close to byron/ballina etc. Theres knockrow castle (or is that macadamia castle now???) we have a 'quest' place (not sure that it's called that), a great public library with active story times, living books (people from the community) etc.

    Good Luck! If you have any specific questions feel free to ask me. PM, Post here, or add me on MSN


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      Looks like Izy has answered most of your questions.

      Lismore town itself isn't very nice, I would go so far to say I absolutely hate it and there are some very dangerous areas that you would not want to move to.

      Having said that tho, Parts of Gonellabah and parts of North Lismore are very nice and much safer.

      Alot of people I know have moved to Lismore because home (Ballina/Lennox) is just too expensive.

      There is plenty of work if your willing to do anything. But if your in Childcare you shouldn't have a problem getting a job.

      Most of the centers have been taken over by ABC but there are a few independent centers.

      Since you work in the childcare I'm sure you'll know the right things to look for when looking for care for your little ones.

      I don't know about Lismore the only center in the whole area I would recommend is the ABC in Teven/Tintenbar even tho it's an ABC I've worked with two thirds of the staff and they are all people I would trust my children with.

      There are a lot of young mums in the area and their are new babies spreading like wildflowers because of this there is heaps to do with your children.

      Arts/music classes, playgroups, baby rhyme/story time at the library, living books, parks, indoor playgrounds, swimming pools, baby gym, toddler dance, the list could go on

      check out the northern rivers family magazine:

      If you are open to living outside of Lismore I would recommend looking at Ballina/Lennox Head as you have all the things I mentioned plus beaches, the river and it's so much nicer than Lismore.

      If price is a problem it is kinda expensive in Ballina Teven/Tintenbar are equally as nice but without the price tag and not far from Ballina.

      There is also Alstonville which is absolutely beautiful and is half way between Ballina and Lismore.

      For real estate check out:

      It lets you search by areas.

      Well I didn't mean to write an essay of a post

      Good luck with the move if you have any more questions feel free to ask


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        Hello and welcome to Lismore!!!

        I really like it here. We live in Goonellabah and it is beautiful and quiet.

        My advice would be to be careful where you rent as there are some pretty dodgy areas (as with most towns). If you find a really nice place and the rent is REALLY cheap, think twice because it's that cheap for a reason!
        When we moved here we had a friend who was a Policeman and we checked the areas with him and he told us were not to look. Most of Goonellabah is lovely. We rented a beautiful duplex with a nice backyard for $200 about 2 years ago before we bought our home.
        Houses for rent can be expensive but duplexes are cheaper and really nice.

        Ummmm what else...

        Not sure about child care costs but there are heaps around! A fabulous school is Blue Hills College that has a Pre-Kindy if your kids are 4 year olds and up.

        Shopping is ok. Big W, K-Mart, Target Country and lots of little shops. Enough to get by.

        Well hope that helps.

        Welcome to the region. Have fun moving!!!


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          Thanks girls gives me so much more to go on. Prices seem about same from here on Sunny Coast. Currently pouring down with rain!

          If i have anymore questions ill be sure to post them. Ive moved so many times - anyone would think we'd have the questions down pat by now LOL


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            Convenient you post tonight... I walked around the RE agents today for selling our house and got the details of those with rentals...
            Elders 66212288
            Wal Murray 66212307
            Century 21 PH 66228199
            Patch and taylor ph66212543
            LJ Hooker 66212387
            Robert Mclennan ph 66213900

            Good Luck!


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              Thanks muchly Izy

              Best be back to packing - Scarletts not willing to part with anything, need a truck load just to move her