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Which hospital???!

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  • Which hospital???!

    I'm moving home soon so I'll be having number two in the mountains. I had number 1 at Liverpool and contrary to what you might hear it was wonderful.
    So, I need some advice, recommendations, etc because I'm needing to choose between Katoomba (if it's still open it will be open for maternity in January lol), lithgow and Nepean. Public.

    I was born at Katoomba so that'd be cool but the two recent birth stories I've heard from there haven't been positive (I know everyone's experience is different but the more negative the less positive it is in my mind... Obviously)

    Thanking you all in advance

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    Which hospital???!

    Nothing at all? Guess I'll just do a tour of both & see how I feel


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      Re: Which hospital???!


      I live in katoomba and although ive never had a baby there (i went to nepean because i was high risk) I have heard mostly positive things about it. The only thing it would be really important to consider is if you or bub may have any risk factors or need more then "normal" care durring your pregnancy the birth and after? Katoomba will not take you if you are too high a risk and you will have no choice but to go to Nepean.

      I actually chose Nepean with my first before finding out I wouldn't have been able to have him at Katoomba anyway. And although there is a lot of controversy and I know many people that hated Nepean hospital I actually really liked the care I recieved there and the nurses and Drs were always fantastic!

      Hope this helps a little bit?


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        Which hospital???!

        Yes thank you it does.
        I think I'd be too worried about the agonising drive to Nepean anyway. Last birth was very smooth, no hiccups (didn't even tear) so I'd be right to go to Katoomba.


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          I'm due in 3 weeks and had to choose between Nepean and Katoomba. I have private health insurance so Nepean Private was also an option but in the end we went with the public system for quite a few reasons. So that narrowed it down to Nepean public and Katoomba. I went with Katoomba as I am low risk (they won't take high risk) and its very small up there so the care is very one on one. I have lived at the base of the mountains my whole life so know people who have birthed at both hospitals. My SIL says Nepean was wonderful for all 3 of hers but apart from her I have heard nothing but bad stories. They are apparently understaffed and kick you out ASAP. Katoomba only has 2 birthing rooms and 2 recovery rooms but they are private rooms unlike Nepean.
          I'm on the midwifery caseload and haven't had any real issues. They are very supportive of a natural birth and are welcoming my doula with open arms! They said if they don't need the room I can stay as long as I like.

          When are you due, and are you moving to the upper mountains? If you are going to be further up than Hazelbrook I'd recommend Katoomba anyway as the drive to Nepean would be quite long any further from there!
          If you have any questions about Katoomba I'd be happy to answer them!

          Best of luck


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            I would have had my first daughter at katoomba but moved to Canberra when I was 4 and a half months pregnant. I have heard nothing but good comments about katoomba though and have had several friends bAck up here with babies born there. Both our girls were born in Canberra but the experiences I had with staff in the early days of my pregnancy was good.