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Anyone from upper mountains??

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    Hi danni, of course your more than welcome to join our little group, Welcome!!

    How was everyones xmas and new years?? So i think our new years resolution for this thread is to set a date within 2010 for a meetup!!! So lets get our heads together and work something out. The warm weather wont be hanging around for much longer if you guys want to meetup in a park or something. So lets set a date!!


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      Who's got suggestions for when and where??


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        i have just had an operation, had a hernia in belly button, so when ive recovered why dont we all meet at wentworh falls lake how about in three weeks time? danni


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          That sounds good Danni....the weather should still be warm enough without being too hot! And the lake has plenty of space for the older kids to run amok without disturbing anyone too much!!

          So, that makes it what Saturday 6th march??


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            Can we make it Friday the 5th March?? Not sure what weather will be like but its not good at the moment. I think were in for sunny weather at the end of the week.


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              Hello Everybody,

              I do apologise for not contributing lately but time just gets away from you. I hope we havent had the official meet up yet and if we have can we have another one?

              If not the school holidays are fast approaching so what is a good day in the second week of the holidays for everyone?

              I hope you are all well. My DS is now 26 weeks old and boy is he growing fast. He has two words to his vocabulary - "dada" and "bubba". Still no "mama" yet but I am not expecting that for a while.

              I am going to try and log on more here and hopefully we can get a little mother's club happening>

              Chat soon