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Any dads or dads to be in Albury Wodonga?

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  • Any dads or dads to be in Albury Wodonga?

    Hey there, I'm a 32 year old dad to be and yeah, just wondering if there were any guys out there in a similar boat? lol

    I couldn't be happier about being a dad, though I am still stressed more than a bit about money and such, as yeah my wife is self employed as a dog groomer, and so she isn't going to be able to get materinity leave, and due to the physical nature of her job she won't be wanting to go back to world for a least a while after she gives birth.

    We have found someone that we can hire to take over from her during this time, but we'll still have to pay her wages, which won't be difficult during the summer as it is quite busy, but once it hits winter it will be quite a bit more difficult.

    Thusly I've gotta find better paying work, which I'm looking for at the moment. But yeah, feeling stressed as I don't know how long my wife will be able to keep working for and I don't know how long its going to take me to find a good job that fits the requirements that I need.

    I know it will work out, it always does, just in the meantime I have to deal with uncertainty and the unknown, which I've never really handled well at the best of times lol.

    What can I say, I like to have all my ducks in a row whenever I can, gives me a greater sense of control over my situation :P

    Anyway, I've rambled enough for the moment, catch ya laters,


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    just bumping for the Op - hopefully someone is around to chat?


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      Not a Dad - but just wanting to give you a bit of support.

      Its not easy contemplating a life changing thing like having a baby. Dads or Mums its still a HUGE change.

      Sounds like finances are a bit stressful. Have you taken into account the baby bonus and FTB? will your wife be entitled to paid maternity leave? Even self employed are often entitled to paid leave - though I know its hard with your own business.


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        Any dads or dads to be in Albury Wodonga?

        Sorry not a dad either but just wanted you to know you wife is most likely still entitled to paid maternity leave. My sister is self employed and she still qualified, talk to centrelink the people that work in the paid parental leave section are really helpful!

        Hopefully this bumps the post so a dad can help you, I believe there is also a private dads area which BigBadBrad(i think that's his name) looks after.
        Good luck & congratulations