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  1. Choose a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly budget period.
  2. Print out our budget Help Sheet to write down your income and expenses.
  3. Convert all amounts to match your plan. Use our converter tool
Budget Period

Step 1: Income

  1. Record your income based on your budget period.
  2. Convert all amounts to match your plan. Use our converter on the right.

Household Income

Your after tax income Child support received
Partner/spouse after tax income Board money received
Pension/ benefit Investments (after tax)
Family payment Other income (after tax)
Total Income $

Step 2: Expenses

  1. Record your living costs.
  2. Convert all amounts to match your plan. Use our converter on the right.

Housing / Utilities Costs

Rent Contents replacement
1st mortgage Electricity
2nd mortgage Heating oil
Land rates Gas
Water rates Water
Home insurance(s) Mobile phone
House repairs Internet/Cable TV
Strata levies Telephone

Transport / Food Costs

Petrol Groceries
Repairs Meat
Registration Fruit/Vegetables
Fines Lunches
Insurance Pet Food
Licence Eating out

Education / Medical

School Fees Health insurance
Uniforms Doctor
Self Education Dentist
School excursions Chemist
Tutoring/Books Eye care
After school activities Other medical
Pre-school Pet and vet
Child minding

Personal Costs

Clothing Pocket money Superannuation
Haircuts Drinks alcoholic Insurance(s)
Grooming/ cosmetics Cigarettes Other fees
Entertainment Laundry/dry cleaning Other costs
Sport Gambling/other Savings
Club fees Donations/ other Special Projects
Newspapers/ Magazines DVDs/Videos/Movies Child Maintenance
Holidays Postage/Films
Gifts Home Maintenance
Total basic living expenses $

Step 3: Debts

  1. Record your debt costs.
  2. Convert all amounts to match your plan. Use our converter on the right.

Debt Costs

Credit Card 1 Car Loan/ Finance 1
Credit Card 2 Car Loan/ Finance 2
Credit Card 3 Store card 1
Credit Card 4 Store card 2
Credit Card 5 Store card 3
Personal Loan 1 Finance Companies
Personal Loan 2 Home loans
Personal Loan 3 Other debts
Personal Loan 4

Step 4: Summary

  1. Your Bottom Line will show you if your income allows for your expenses

Click to print your results.

Your Bottom Line

Total debt expenses $
Total all expenditure $0
Your after tax income (from section A) $
Less your living expenses (from section B) $
Less your debt expenses (from section C) $
Total surplus $0

Your Budget

A budget is a key ingredient to a brighter financial future. A budget helps you plan ahead, like a roadmap, and should be revised regularly to avoid getting “lost”.

Budgets help regain control of your finances. Despite how important a budget is, most people don’t have one.

Most people have a rough idea of how much they make per week but believe it or not, most people spend more than they make not knowing exactly where the money goes.

A budget is a great way to show exactly where money is being spent, and where possible cutbacks could be made and its a great starting point for a savings plan.